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  1. I was looking for somone who may be interested buying the livestock from the tank. @shaner014 nice, hope you have a very nice tank that has been running for 5 years.
  2. I have had a 20G nano running for about 5 years now and I am moving out of state. I am planning to keep all the equipment, but am thinking to sell all the coral, rocks, the fish and inverts in one pop to one person. to start their is about 35-40LBS of rock in the tank, multiple corals leathers & montipora even a few ricordia. the tank is not in the best condition as over the years it has become a little neglected and has a bit of algea in it. there is a mated and breading pair of wild caught true percula that lay eggs regularly and host in a green polyp toadstool leather coral. there is a purple velvet pin cushin urchin. there may be a few hermit crabs and some misc snails, but I haven't seen em lately or looked sorry. I was going to sell everything cheap so that one person could come locally and pick everything up in one shot. I live in san pedro halfway up the hill. only 200 cash takes the hole thing. I am not looking to sell the tank or the lighting as I plan to set up the tank again in the future. if you are local and setting up a new tank this will fill it or start in a very good way at a very low cost.all you would need is big cooler please let me know if you are interested, I work alot so pick up would need to be scheduled on the weekend or after hours. the price not flexible and I don't want to piece it out. contact me at haledp@msn.com Matthew
  3. so after having a 75g for several years I have moved and had to downsize. I set up my old sump a 20g, just purchased a new stand and a new 150w 15k metalhalide fixture. probably will use 30-40lbs of rock not sure how much will fit before it becomes a glass box filled with rocks. I have a seio 800 which i will use for circulation and an older Aqua-c remora skimmer. I think I will keep this one simple. I have 2 clowns which I have had for a few years now, a pincushin urchin, peprmint shrimp, and a few hermits. corals several leathers a ricordia rock with the pink and blue ones, and several pieces of orange monti cap going to try to keep this one very simple.
  4. for sale a dual 96 watt retro kit brand new, designed for in canopy install. new never used new 10k and actinic bulbs. make offer and pickup only .paid over $200 from marindepot a year ago.
  5. for sale in La habra , orange county/ Los angeles for local picup. I have a brand new never used coral life 36 inch dual 96watt retro fit kit. brand new bulbs never used 1 10k and 1 actinic. first $100 to pick up. I would preffer local pick up find a box to ship would be a pita. ask questions if you like
  6. do you still have it? can you send a current picture? I will pay the 140 shipped if everything works as stated. do you have paypal? it was only used for 7 months? how many hours a day? can you ship to 90631? pm me.
  7. in Lahabra ca I am selling 100+lbs of live rock $300 takes it. near beach and imperial

    hi i have been thru this before. its the product you are using is not as balanced as you hoped especailly if you are using a 2 part solution. try picking up some kent super buffer dkh. this product will allow you to easily achive the numbers you are looking for. i encountered this when my sps corals started taking off. also before you add anything like mag. besure you test for it as well. most new product that are balanced for calcium sup. do come with mag, and strontium in correct amounts to offset the mag consumption. hope that helps alittle
  9. for more info please follow link http://www.reef-care.com/33tankforsale very nice tank for sale
  10. I have about 10 or so small green star polyp mini coral fully encrusted on 2.5 inch aragacrete disks that I want to sell 10$ each to any one local to me that would like to pick em up next weekend. I also have a few small brown leathers and a few red shroom that I will let go 5-10 each as well
  11. yes but it it gets a little saturated someone here taught me a trick of adding 5 ml per gallon of white distilled vinger to bump the calcium to get the desired result with attempting to mix the kalk stronger
  12. standard questions

    okay nice size and shape for the tank i would opt for the tunze controller. myself and no top or canopy well you'll have alot of light leakage into the room but if you must i would get a pendent and run a simple sump maybe a 20high aga a stick in a real skimmer like a small euro or asm do it right and set it up with recirulating since you are using the smaller quiet one 3000 that would not be too much flow for the skimmer and the 2 tunze would be plenty. i would either get the tunze contoller or no controller at all.