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  1. Bulkhead suggestions...

    Thanks for the link and info!! I see you're from Dallas, so you're probably know where Tyler. I'm jealous of you're selection in Dallas, all we have here is Petland, the sole provider of saltwater equipment here, you should see what they've got or lack thereof, not to mention their prices!(what a joke!) and Petsmart, which carries no saltwater stuff whatsoever! But when you've got no other options, and you have an addiction, you'll go to just about any length to satisify your habit! (I know I have, and probably will continue to do so, you wouldn't believe the prices I've paid)!! I was really bummed about the hole sizes changing up on me, my head is already swimming with info about bulkhead sizes, standpipes, overflows, bubble traps, and sump/fuge designs!!8) Thanks again!
  2. Bulkhead suggestions...

    Placed my order from Dr. Foster's & Smith 2 days ago for supplies to build/plumb my new 18H AGA tank and sump/fuge. Had it all planned out... Along with the quiet one pump, SCWD, and heater, (not to mention a few other goodies), I ordered a 1" bulkhead for the drain, (requires 1 3/4" hole), and 2 3/4" bulkheads for return, (requiring 1 1/2" holes). Took my tank yesterday to the only glass shop locally willing to drill it, and told them what I wanted - drain hole, (1 3/4"), in the bottom center towards the back of the tank, and 2 return holes, (1 1/2"), left and right on the back of the tank. I was stoked to hear it would be ready by lunch the next day!!! Here's my dilemma: Got a phone call 1st thing this morning from the glass shop to inform me they only have glass hole saw bits in 1 1/4" and 2". X) Since I have no other options on drilling my tank, I told them to go ahead and do it, the tank was on sale at Petland for ~ $15. :-* Anyone know where to get bulkheads or mod the ones I've ordered to fit the holes? So far, I've only found a 1/2" bulkhead from Customaquatic that would fit the 1 1/4" holes. This would put a serious kink in my plumbing plans if I were to go from 3/4" return down to 1/2", (at least I think it would!). Haven't found a bulkhead to fit the 2" hole yet...:*( Any suggestions, or did I make the wrong choice to have them drill different sizes than planned? :ermm:
  3. powersweep

    I have one and it worked great, for the first week I had it! If I don't take it out religiously, almost daily, it will stop "sweeping." Even a thorough cleaning doesn't guarantee to make it work. It'll sweep for a half day or so, then stop. I'll stick my hand in the tank, give it a bump and sometimes it will start sweeping, sometimes not...Another more important point, they don't have ANY power whatsoever compared to my other ph. My other ph is 1/3 the size and puts out 5x more flow! Do not make the mistake of getting one. They are practically useless! JM .02... hth
  4. i recently got a 32w 10000k and actinic 03 from hellolights, and will definatley say the actinic 03 blows the last bulb away! had a ultra actinic csl, and it doesn't compare to the 03.
  5. Polyp ID

    thanks so much birdman, I think he's pretty cool too! very colorful and always eager to eat. I have nothing negative to say about this guy in the 4 months or so I've had him...like I said too, no sign of even trying to reproduce either, and doesn't bother the other tank residents... looking forward to hearding your results.... Thanks, Brad
  6. Polyp ID

    another, almost the same shot...
  7. Polyp ID

    here's another pic, tried to edit a little... Looks to me more like the 1st one birdman posted from webwetmedia... still think it's very pretty and will continue to enjoy it unless there is a reason to get rid of it. So far it's been in my nano for 4 months or so and no harm or signs or reproducing. Sure likes to eat though.. My cleaner will actually pull food out of it when he knows it's been fed. Literally yank it out of his mouth when the food is fully consumed by the polyp. No harm to shrimp yet...
  8. Polyp ID

    So I should get rid of it? I've never really heard of majanos before, so I need to do some research but the general consensus is they are bad. I've had him for several months, never reproduced or seemed to have any problems. I didn't realize unwanted pests came in such nice colors... been feding him mysis when I feed my tank, he loves them...
  9. Polyp ID

    any ideas???
  10. New frags FREE for ME!!

    yea, posted I was wondering that myself. I posted more pics in the ID forum for that crab, got him out in the open, also a HH polyp I posted pic of
  11. New frags FREE for ME!!

    He said this started growing from his LR one day, gave me a couple stalks....Also gave me ALOT of grape calurpa....Can you say HOOKED UP??!?!?!
  12. New frags FREE for ME!!

    here's another:
  13. New frags FREE for ME!!

    Made friends with a LFS employee, turns out he knows what he's talking about. He got 5 tanks alone in his living room ranging from 40-90 gals., then another 4 or so hospital and quarantine tanks. Check out what he gave me yesterday....
  14. GSP eating crab

    Here's the HH bastage GSP eating crab, lucked out and saw him out in the open one day:
  15. Polyp ID

    HH polyp I got on a frag of GSP that detached and found a new home. He readily eats anything and has grow alot since I got him....