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  1. Since it's been on his tank, I haven't really messed around with the other modes. I can ask him tonight when I'm over there, it's got a great spread though. I got it specifically for the wave action and it does that amazingly.
  2. I've got an RW-4 for my upcoming 20L build. In the time being we are testing it on my buddy's 33long, which is a 4' tank. even at about 30% we can get a wave going across the entire 4' tank, even fighting against his return. If you turn it all the way up his tank gets some serious flow, I would be glad it didn't go any higher in that tank. Really happy I spent the money on it though, feels like a really solid build. Can't wait to get the 20L back from the glass shop and hook it up to the sump.
  3. This Thing Still For Sale? I've Got $65 Shipped If It Is. Let Me Know In PM
  4. Whoa, the overflow is awesome! Not too sure about the plumbing/noise issue, haven't really done sumps before but I totally love the way the overflow came out. And the fact that it handles as much flow as it does is awesome. Really digging this build
  5. I've run a 5.5g for over a year now. Hang on back with only floss and heater. Have been very tempted to run only a koralia pump but have kept with the HOB for now. Cheap brand too, not even an aquaclear or anything. 50% water changes every week or two, only thing I test is salinity of the water going in. Softies, LPS, and SPS.
  6. Yeah, we'll see. Totally reliable 1600 that runs smooth as silk or completely rebuilding the 1835 and not even knowing what parts are there.....kind of a tough decision to be honest. The only thing I have to do before I start driving it is replace the shifter bushing and install some seat belts (which I already have both). Transaxle won't stay in reverse unless I hold it there. Other than that all the electrics work and I've already adjusted all the drum brakes and checked all of the other things that could cause issues. The only thing is that there was a repair done to the front suspension beam that seams to have been done well but I still don't know about so I might invest in a new beam. And I've found a few with lengthened shock towers to run some longer travel shocks that I'm looking into. Good to know I've got someone on here that knows their aircooled bugs....I'll definitely keep in touch with you.
  7. Yes first bug, but I've checked everything. (only $500 bucks so not a bad deal at all for a registered, driveable bug). The floorpans definitely have some rust but the guy before me took 3/16" sheet metal and riveted over the entire bottom. Inside is a bit rough but overall the body is really solid. Pretty much just built in an entire skid plate over the bottom of the bug. I guess he wrecked the front end of it doing some woods riding and didn't have any money at the time so it was about his only option. Works for now but I've already found a few fiberglass baja kits that would eliminate that issue. The engine is a 1.6 single port but runs absolutely beautifully with no leaks or anything. My father in law has a 1835cc with some perfomance jugs/heads and dual weber carbs sitting on a shelf but it's pretty much completely dissassembled so I'm not sure if I will try to rebuild it or just stick with the 40hp powerplant that's in it. I know it'll be super reliable for running around town. This will probably end up being my daily driver so long as I don't have any issues with it. Thanks for the compliments. The tank has definitely gone through a lot of changes but it's getting to where I want it (after over a year!). We'll see how long this lasts but hopefully I'll get to upgrade soon so long as the lady lets me. looking at 20L-ish type tank.
  8. I'll keep an eye on that. Haven't noticed anything yet, but since I haven't had fish my algae has pretty much diminished into nothing. Will be curious to see if this starts anything up. Just kind of hard to measure out the 1.2 mL that it says to use (since the smallest reading is for a 30 gallon tank and mine is 5.5). Either way I've seen nothing but good reviews online anyway so I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out.
  9. So I swung by my lfs to get some water and was chatting with the owner for awhile asking about some different foods and supplements and what she recomends and what her customers have had good luck with. She said she doesn't use it very much but the customers that she really trusts have really grown attached to the Aquavitro Fuel by Seachem. So I picked up a bottle figuring, what the heck, I'll try it out. Yesterday was my first dose and things are looking pretty good. Not any major changes but things are just open and healthy looking, so it didn't have any negative effect. I will keep dosing the recommended amount twice a week and report back with color/growth/health and see what happens. Pretty excited about this.
  10. Wow, feels like science class all over again (for an organism we never studied). Really cool information, all the more reason to pay attention to this thread. Almost need a separate topic just for the science aspect of it, I would definitely follow along! As for the zoa, I think with it being in the name of science and research (and the fact that it grew in your tank) do what you want! I think people will just be jealous because they wanted that one extra mohawk in their tank.... I will be very interested in seeing if it can heal and regenerate. I mean, this is how we can propagate several other types of corals, by slicing directly through the mouth. Love the scientific approach you are taking towards this. So far I have gathered that, for a living, you are a carpenter, plumber, and now biologist. If you actually do something other than those three I'll be amazed. Edit: Also noticed the comment about a glass blowing studio....jack of all trades, master of four?
  11. I've had good luck with peroxide in the past. Essentially just get a container big enough for the rock, mix in about 3 parts salt water to 1 part peroxide, drop in the rock, and wait for the bubbles to stop. Just make sure you get a toothbrush and try to scrub off the algae so you don't have that extra dead matter in your tank to spike your nitrate cycle. Otherwise the tank looks fantastic!! I'm still jealous of your rock flowers, they have such awesome colors. I think I'm running out of room for one though in my little 5.5.....time to upgrade! (Maybe)
  12. It's a different size every day....depends on what I'm feeding that day and how bad the snails piss it off lol. Hopefully I have the same splitting qualities in it that you do!
  13. Quick top-down http://s1246.photobucket.com/user/lnglostsurfer/media/IMG_20140608_195403_498.jpg.html'> My chalice is the shape of an ear....no joke!! http://s1246.photobucket.com/user/lnglostsurfer/media/IMG_20140608_195327_555.jpg.html'> Cyphastrea (? I think?) from flcandy http://s1246.photobucket.com/user/lnglostsurfer/media/IMG_20140608_195200_447.jpg.html'> My little zoa island. you can see the tiny (1/2") acro frag from flcandy http://s1246.photobucket.com/user/lnglostsurfer/media/IMG_20140608_195111_281.jpg.html'> Awesome mushroom from 1stimereefer (colors don't look right in the picture though) http://s1246.photobucket.com/user/lnglostsurfer/media/IMG_20140525_193011_500-1.jpg.html'> And I might have already posted that....not sure. Anyways, these are all pictures with my phone, haven't had time to get the real camera out.
  14. So I was feeding some phyto just now, and trying to get ready to take some pictures. while I'm heading back to the fridge I'm holding chocolate milk and the bottle of phyto...ALMOST just drank out of the bottle of phyto. I feel like that would have been about the worst tasting thing in the world. Good news though, I'm trying to get some good pictures so hopefully I'll get something up shortly.
  15. Can't wait to see them in the tank! Are you going to start with just a few of them to make sure they are happy or are you just going to throw them all in there and force happiness upon them? Haha, I can't imagine anything not being happy in a sexy tank like that though.
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