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  1. lnglostsurfer

    Brown(ish) algae covering everything

    It's a 10 gallon tank, probably 10-12 corals and the only fish I have is a black and white clown. I only feed about twice a week, very minimal. He feeds a lot off the rocks and from his frogspawn that he's always inside. As for flow, all I have is my hang on back filter, rated for a 55-70 gallon tank. It's the biggest aqueon filter they make and I change the filters every week. I've had the tank set up for over a year, and was set up as a 55 gallon for 3 years before that. My only other concern would be if my live rock was just starting to lose it's "liveliness".
  2. So, for the past two months or so, I've had a brown/red algae starting to cover everything. It's mostly on the sand but is starting to take over the rocks and a few corals. I've kept up with water changes, my nitrate, nitrite, ammonia are all zero, but my pH is only 7.9 and I've been testing bi-weekly over the past 3 weeks. Could it be a pH issue? or would it be because my bulbs are starting to get old? I've had my fixture for about 10/11 months and am about to change bulbs. Could my low pH and algae both be because of the bulbs or is there another underlying issue? I've cut my lighting period down to about 6 and 1/2 hours a day just in case...just wondering if anyone out there had any advice. Thanks in advance!
  3. lnglostsurfer

    propagation using rubber bands

    Hm, I've never heard of this but what kind of corals are you trying this on? I'm interested in hearing the answer too...
  4. lnglostsurfer

    Got my first Acan colony today :) and another addition

    Wow I guess Petco's are a little different down here in Florida. The most salt water ANYTHING they have is maybe a clownfish, anemone, and coral beauty or something. Never seen any corals or anything, just two or three small little saltwater tanks in a seperate section. Half of the time the tanks are empty. Oh well, nice Acan though! Definitely going to be one of my next corals.
  5. lnglostsurfer

    odyssea 250 watt mh

    Yeah, I'm not sure if the company is called oddysea anymore or not but the website it aquatraders.com. I bought a 48" T5 light, a 20" power compact light, and just today a 20" 4 bulb T5 fixture. The only problem I've had with any of them was half of the bulb burning out on my power compact light after a few months of use. I guess the fire risk was with the older models that were 2+ years ago. Haven't heard anything about fires since then and have had great luck with mine. The light itself gets hot to the touch but not hot enough to where I couldn't hold my hand on it. Again, don't know for sure with the MH fixtures but I've had great experience with the oddysea lights.
  6. lnglostsurfer

    Bulb or Ballast?

    Unfortunately it's a single bulb fixture, sitting over my 10 gallon tank. So I don't really have that option. I just wasn't sure if one half of a power compact bulb could even burn out or if it was a power issue. Not sure if it would be worth buying a new bulb or just a whole new fixture.
  7. lnglostsurfer

    odyssea 250 watt mh

    I don't know much about their metal halides but I had a 48" T5 fixture over my 55 gallon for about a year. Was very happy with the quality considering how much I paid for it. Never had any problems with it and saw great coral growth. Seemed like it was built pretty solid. My only complaint was that the mounting legs were a little flimsy but as long as you don't take it off and put it back on a million times they were quite adequate. I've thought about the MH one many times but I'm trying to keep a lower energy cost bulb. Let us know what you think if you get it!
  8. lnglostsurfer

    Bulb or Ballast?

    So I've had this fixture about 2 months and the actinic side of my 50/50 bulb went out. It's a 36 watt power compact and I'm not too familiar with power compact bulbs, fixtures, or anything about them. Does anyone know if that would be the bulb itself burning halfway out or if the ballast just isn't producing enough power? If it's the bulb I might replace it but if it's the ballast I will probably just get a new light altogether, didn't pay much for the light to begin with. Thanks for the help!
  9. lnglostsurfer

    Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    I have to admit...without this site, this would have been a very short lived hobby for me. 18 months and counting for my 55 gallon "nano." Yay for 9 years for nano-reef!!! (I'll gladly accept any prizes...)lol
  10. Yeah, I have some leftover frozen krill that I used to feed my eel before he went carpet surfing that I've been chopping up really fine to feed my brains, I'll probably use the same thing. I didn't realize that the favias grew that fast. I was expecting 1 eye a month with feeding.
  11. Just got back from picking up locally from this guy. Awesome corals, huge clump of flame algae. Both the japanese deepwater zoas and the Favia have already opened up within 5 minutes of being in the tank. Here's a pic of the flame algae and the zoas as a reference. I couldn't get a good picture of the favia for some reason since it's on the sandbed under an overhang.
  12. Land o Lakes is only about 40 minutes from my house, I would probably be interested in some of the japanese deepwater zoas, a few eyes of the favia, and maybe some flame algae. I just wouldn't be able to pick them up until tuesday.
  13. Where in florida are you located? I may be interested in some if I can pick them up. Shipping to my apartment complex is pretty cruddy...lots of times I don't always get things when they are delivered...I'm over in the tampa bay area but take pretty frequent trips to other parts of the state
  14. lnglostsurfer

    Will my lobophyllia frag recover?

    This is a 55g with T5x4. I'd like to fill the rocks in a little more since I already have a lot on the sandbed, So I'll see if I can put it back there. Just want to make sure this doesn't happen again. Thought I might wait to see how it reacts to being on the sandbed, if it's happy and opens up nice I will probably keep it there.
  15. lnglostsurfer

    Will my lobophyllia frag recover?

    Well where should this coral be placed? Would it be better to have it up on the rocks closer to the light or should it be down on the sandbed how I have it? Just not sure how much light these guys need...