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  1. Have you had spaghetti recently by chance ?
  2. Ow and my Mollie Miller died. That's not such a bad thing she turned into a real ass lately.
  3. No she rents space but has a salon room at home. But I can't have 60-70 people a week at my house getting hair done. I know that wise man and today is tomorrow because I made none yesterday
  4. Had to buy a new 250 dollar tire because of some incompetent assholes. Then it snowed 1 inch and I can't do lawn work. Then the lady my wife rents salon space said she is closing up shop in 2 weeks this week has started off so awesome lol
  5. Hate when that happens... Construction site 2 doors down is driving me crazy. The contractors won't keep the street clean. So on the way to put air in a tire from a nail the wife runs over a chunk of pvc that slices a nice gash in another tire she left a message on the builders voice mail
  6. You stopped selling MP-10's? Not that they would be on sale anyways.
  7. Just on Instagram. He's shreddin on his new mini ramp he built inside!
  8. I looked at the 2500 dollar one more than enough. I will find someone this Summer to pay for it That a puss See I would rather do what I do and make my money and let them do what they do and make me a big wheel Knew I could count on you!
  9. Kind of looks like Anthelia.