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  1. Global warming wait that stuff is fake.
  2. I bet the cheap bastad talked you into paying shipping!
  3. Cats a truck load of cats under there!
  4. LoL those leaves are the neighbors leaves that were packed up against his fence. I blew them back over that's a perennial oramental grass it greens back up every Spring it's not dead lol. We have plenty of gates and fences here to keep the mexicans out. You are correct they were on the outside of that fence.
  5. Pass the tacos!!!!

  6. FU that's 7 cubic yards dick! Don't you have some driving that needs done or another mini barn to build???
  7. How do you know when it's exhausted and what color does the color changing turn to ?
  8. Why do girl scout cookies taste so good???
  9. I did a little work today
  10. They ruled out a intestinal blockage?
  11. TWD tonight
  12. And his wife actually lived with him. The Florida trips are BS stay in DC and do your job from there.