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  1. My First Pico

    I have some pics of the tank before I painted it I'll see if I can get some pictures of the painted tank later. rafapepa
  2. 55w T5 PCs

    Hi NR Is this a good Idea for a 4 gallon pico (with 4 gallon filter system)? thanks
  3. Where did your liverock come from?

    mine's a tricky one - I have some from fiji and some from tonga but it may as well have been reefbones when I got it cos there was no life at all so its also aquacultured
  4. How Did You Discover Nano Reef Keeping?

    My best friend bought his girlfriend a goldfish bowl for her birthday and I'd been looking at exotic pets such as snakes and lizards so I decided to ask my parents if I could get a fish tank (i'm 15 by the way - not a 30 yr old still living with parents!!) and they said yes so I got a couple of goldfish and decided to expand from there into the wonderful world of nano reefs!! rafapepa
  5. HELP: 27gal starphire build

    Hi npkelly The overflow should be at least 1 1/2" out so you can fit the appropriate piping needed. Also, decide where it is going before you build the overflow because this could determine whether the box is in the centre, left or right. HTH rafapepa
  6. My First Pico

    Thanks for the welcome!! What do you suggest that I put in that compartment? Thanks!!! rafapepa
  7. My First Pico

    Thanks for your tips but i think i might just keep the bioballs and see how i get on with them - i'll replace them with live rock rubble if i get a buildup of nitrates etc. Also, I think I might change the plan around so it becomes: Chamber 1 - Bioballs Chamber 2 - Display area Chamber 3 - Refugium Chamber 4 - Pumps
  8. My First Pico

    I would but I don't have any live rock rubble spare and really can't afford any at the moment Do you think I could just try without bioballs or live rock rubble at all? rafapepa
  9. My First Pico

    Hi Nano-reef.com this is my first ever post on this forum so I hope everyone on here is nice! I currently have an Interpet RIver Reef 50 (25 gallon) stocked with 2 clowns, a banggai cardinal and an orchid dottyback (fridman's). I also bought my first coral the other day which was a metallic green button polyp! I think it's a bit shy because its polyps aren't extended yet. On With The Show I have been planning an 8 gallon pico (4 gal. Display Tank / 4 gal. filter system) for a couple of weeks now and I've finally finished the work on it. I have all the equipment I need and, as it is made out of an old sump, I have painted the small sections black and left the display section to give a window effect. Honestly the paint job is pretty mediocre because its my first ever build so bear with me on that! The tank is set out...: Chamber 1 - Refugium Chamber 2 - Display Area Chamber 3 - Bioballs, Activated Carbon and Phosphate remover Chamber 4 - Return Pumps. In total, the tank comes in at 8 gallons and is sat on an old tropical stand. The only problems I have at the moment is that I haven't got any lights for the refugium or Display area (but I think I know what I'm going to get) and also, I went to my LFS a couple of days ago and bought some premixed saltwater which turned out to be 1.017 S.G. I'll tell you now that I live in England so I don't have the same brand opportunities as the people in the USA but I think the products are marginally similar! Any comments or suggestions towards the tank would be very useful, thanks!! rafapepa