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  1. HernandezJ35

    Lighting & skimmer for sale

    How much for the mini tides
  2. Floss box and fuge still available?
  3. HernandezJ35

    NANO BOX MINI TIDE FOR SALE (price reduced to $125)

    Interested. Just need to ask Dave a question about it.
  4. HernandezJ35

    Tank SOLD, Nanobox Duo M new price

    Duo still available?
  5. Floss basket and fuge box still available?
  6. HernandezJ35

    Nanobox mini tide black

  7. HernandezJ35

    Nanobox Quad

    Open to trades?
  8. I was trying to place an order but when it came to the shipping screen it said no shipping option was available for my location. I'm in 98908
  9. HernandezJ35

    NanoBox Units : Old Made New!

    Are any of the duo's or mini's still available by chance?
  10. HernandezJ35

    Moving Sell (Deerfield Beach,FL)

  11. HernandezJ35

    Nano Box Tide Contest : FREE MINI TIDE

    Awesome and American made can't be beat. Also no Facebook
  12. HernandezJ35

    Axolotl experience anyone?

    I had one in a 20L he was awesome. The only thing is they are messy eaters and eat a lot and so water quality tends to be an issue if not properly maintained. If I wasn't in the Army and moving around more than your average person I'd have one again, very entertaining.
  13. HernandezJ35

    another zoa id thread

    Yeah look kinda like zippers...thanks for the help:)
  14. HernandezJ35

    another zoa id thread

  15. HernandezJ35

    another zoa id thread