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  1. Looks like Joes rainbow acro
  2. i built some of those a long time ago. use mine for frag racks to hang some of my coral off the back glass and keep them up out of the way. soon found out that they do really well there and make nice colonies.
  3. i love coffee.... cool stack kray
  4. very clean. great job
  5. beautiful
  6. very nice. love diy work
  7. ive got some too
  8. how is the growth under 20k's?
  9. someone please enlighten me. why is it going to die?
  10. its new and slimy i know that. time will tell on the coloration.
  11. +1 when?
  12. dude that tank is unreal. hard to believe that nothing is stinging or trying to eat anything else... they look like they like each others company..
  13. awsome little tank by the way
  14. hey what kinda lighting is that?? hard to tell from here
  15. dude... that's freaken insane!!