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  1. $5 frags

    Head to my sponsor thread guys. I'm desperately trying to get rid of a lot of frags, to make room.
  2. $5 frags

    Head to my sponsor thread guys. I'm desperately trying to get rid of a lot of frags, to make room.
  3. Any zoa collectors wanna do some trading?

    Thank you ?
  4. Scubasteve's Nebula
  5. Scubasteve's Nebula zoa!

    Looks like that in real life. Beautiful zoa for sure. Thabks guys. I've been nursing these zoas haha
  6. I wanna try Acroporas and want to start with the easy ones!

    Pink Jade is bulletproof too. I've had em stung by aptasia, other sticks touching them, and the list goes on, and it has survived. I would be willing to donate a frag. You're not to terribly far from me, I'm in Texarkana.
  7. Scubasteve's Nebula zoa!

    Just showing off a little eye candy. Getting the hang of the photos thing. A good camera makes all the difference in the world!
  8. palys and zoos closed for over a year!

    Some zoa's have a higher light requirement. I have gotten zoas in that ,melt away if they aren't in a shaded area, deepwaters usually. Then I have had some in like hulks that can with stand all the light you can throw at em. I've got some gobstoppers that look absolutely horrible under low lighting then I have another colony of the same gobstoppers directly underneath a reefbreeder fixture that are beautiful. I've had sps that are where they are and they bleached.
  9. Hey guys, got a few things for sale. Funding another project. Ultra warpaint scoly 2.5" $170 Ultra welso $65 Rainbow acans (ones on left) 3+ heads $70 War coral $30 apiece Assorted acan frags 3+ heads on each $20 apiece 4 frags available Aussie zoas 75+ polyps $70 Ultra acan lords large colony $140 (will frag if I have to buy 3 polyps will be $35 these are very nice)
  10. My 20 gallon mixed

    Ok so I made the switch to leds. So far I love em.
  11. Zoa ID?

    And I have probably 12 of em, they all look the same so it's not just a throw off. It's a pretty cool paly
  12. Zoa ID?

    It's different and has a long skirt
  13. Nasuta

    Looks like Joes rainbow acro
  14. Zoa ID?

    Anyone? This is a bigger zoa.