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  1. I'm moving across the country, so no easy way to move the livestock.
  2. thanks guys. I might sell it. I'm not sure yet. I think I'm going to sell my tank.
  3. Just my ada tanks. I think I'll go in a different direction if I do saltwater again.
  4. yes . Those are coming down too
  5. In anticipation of an impending move, this tank is in the process of being decommissioned
  6. ha ha. I couldn't stomach another acan eating worm tragedy.
  7. This scape isn't as sexy as my old scape and is a bit hamfisted because of my inexperience with concrete (plus i removed the finishing tips off of the arms); however I was over my old scape and wanted to put my sexy fixture back over the tank. The 4 pendants were ugly and my geisemann was going to waste. yes sir Thank you! the honest answer? they wouldn't fit. lol. I'm not sure if i want to make the foot a ricordia rock or a montipora rock. If it's montipora, then everything visible from the front will be sps. if ricordia, I don't have to worry about anything growing over my clam!
  8. Thank you! I'm running 3 Blue+ and 1 purple+ with a 250w Phoenix. All need replaced lol
  9. Yes! I don't know why everyone was hiding out in that pic. apparently! some quick phone pics to show more of the structure. The elegance is the only LPS I kept as it hosts the clownfish. They are around back for now. I have a lot of diatoms.
  10. Thank you! Thank you. I didn't. I crossed my fingers and hoped I have enough going ton bacteria wise in the plumbing, sand, and bioreactor to hold down the fort until the rock is colonized.
  11. It's been long overdue... but I've finally rescaped my tank! Pardon the cloudy pic, but i had to move some sand around. I was a bit heavy handed with the concrete which in turn made the scape bulkier. The foot that extends to the front is quite a bit bulkier than it was before the concrete. I also had to break off the tips of the arms to give a little more coral room. That makes it a bit stubbier as well. All in all, I'm very happy with the scape even if it's not as elegant as its pre concrete form. With it being horizontal, I'm now able to use just my geisemann with all the corals getting light from all bulbs. The paly rocks on the right are just there for fauna. I think I'll add a ricordia rock or two there. i'm debating whether to make the foot of the scape a ricordia rock or just cover it in montipora. I'm also debating adding dendros to the underside and inner nook of the scape. I did lose the piece of red dragon I added from my colony and all of the corals browned out. I don't know if it was something that came out of the scape, the fact that I dumped 2.5 gallons of RO water into the tank because I forgot to turn off the ATO, or an abundance of nutrients from the loss of the nitrifying bacteria in the old scape. I'm feeding sparingly until I'm satisfied that the tank can handle a normal level of waste.
  12. I'm almost done with it! I just need to attach one more rock. I've been doing it piece by piece since Sunday night. I'm drilling, and using fiberglass rods and epoxy to hold the pieces together. I'm then using Quickrete Hydraulic Water-Stop Cement to strengthen the structure. I screwed up in applying the concrete on top of the connections. It makes the structure more bulky. Next time I do a scape, I'm going to do the concrete on the underside only. This hydraulic cement cures quickly and is supposedly reef safe in 10 minutes. Since I'm not in a rush, I plan on letting the concrete dry for a week. I will then submerse it in a tub of RO water for 3-4 days and then test phosphates (for giggles as the rock has been cooked with acid already) and I'll also test alkalinity. If all goes well, I'll add the new scape to the tank and use one of the existing pillars to cycle it.