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    Yes. I need to do an update. That gives me a good feeling! Your tank looks really nice. Hopefully I can get my tank back to its glory days
  2. MedRed


    Congratulations! Haven't been in this section in awhile. Was happy to see your tank and efforts honored!
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    Kat's Ol' Max

    hey Kat... congrats on the reefbuilder's article!
  4. Thanks for the condolences everyone. I haven't wanted to come in this thread since the mishap. Last night I cleaned off the glass and removed all of the skeletons. I do have a few pieces that made it out ok although they are really bleached. My pearlberry is probably the best piece that made it. I damaged my front pillar pulling off corals to the point where I needed to re-epoxy it. Luckily the zoas had encrusted enough to hold it together. I'll finish reapplying the salvaged pieces tomorrow. All in all I'm surprised at the resilience of the tank. Alkalinity, salinity, and temperature would have been pretty big spikes that subsequently would have spiked ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates from the die off. The tank must have converted the nutrients pretty quickly with the result being the thick carpet of algae on the glass. I could have ended up with a total loss.
  5. I was out of town for two weeks. I had a friend check in on my tank 3x while I was gone. I kept things simple for him to check. I had RO water made up for the ato and the food set out. They just needed to add water to the reservoir, feed, and make sure there was no water on the floor. He checked in and said the reservoir was full of top off water. I wasn't surprised considering the glass lid on the tank and the chiller hooked up. He said there was a lot of algae on the glass, but I didn't think anything of it. I get home and hear a sucking sound before I can even unlock the door. I get in to find the pump sucking nothing but air. I look at the ATO and it was completely full. I checked the controller for the ATO and the light was blinking red. I jiggled the line and the water started flowing. Apparently there was an air bubble in the line for the ATO. I've had this happen on occasion when filling up the reservoir. I thought I would have made sure it was working before I left. Anyway, there was no sump turn over, the salinity must have been through the rough, i was still dosing alk and cal, and worst of all, the lid was on the tank and with the pump not being able to pump water to the tank that the chiller had cooled, the tank must have BAKED with 400 watts of MH over it. All from an air bubble in the ATO line. Almost all of SPS are completely wiped out. The saddest thing is my strawberry shortcake. It's just a skeleton. All of the fish, lps, and softies are fine. Just the SPS and it looks like most of the crabs were wiped out. The tank glass is covered in filamentous algae brown algae. I'm totally bummed. I'm just going to spend the month getting the water parameters back in line, and cleaning things up. Then I'll start back with SPS. I don't know how to put in words how I feel right now. It really sucks.
  6. Well... virtually all of my SPS are dead.
  7. I spend time in San Luis Obispo on occasion. That's a beautiful area of the country.
  8. those were the highs. hit 19 as a low. I love TX. i've been recharging my batteries.
  9. I think a dosing pump is the easiest. My LFS uses dosing pumps for their entire store which is heavily SPS. It was until the weather went from 82 degrees to 34 degrees in a week. LMAO, I'll do my best.
  10. I'm sorry! I've been super busy and now i'm on vacation. pics when I get back! Yes LMAO. I get back on the 31st. I might be able to update on the 1st. TX! The Radions were much better in almost every way. The color and growth were much better. The only things I liked better on the Sols was the controller and the lunar cycle. That being said, I'd give the Vegas a good look if I was in the market now. I do. She's a very nice addition. I would have loved to have had the pair. I have no idea if it eats pests. It does spend a lot of time scouring the rockwork.
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    W00t! Well deserved! Congratulations!
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    December 2012 Featured Reef - metrokat

    W00t! Well deserved! Congratulations!
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    Kat's Ol' Max

    Congratulations! Just saw this today!
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    July 2012 Featured Reef - MedRed

    Thank you, aquariumdude!