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  1. I can ship it in two large boxes ( won't be cheap though ). I have alot of experience shipping. I ship items for my business and other hobby ( large telescopes ), so double boxed and insured. The picture was taken just after it was taken off tank, so it's very dirty. It will clean up like new.
  2. April 2010 - parishilton

    Beautiful reef, very well done.
  3. Custom 20 Gallon Long AIO Tank

    Great looking tank. You had that 3 gallon stocked.
  4. WTB Frags in NW Ohio

    Looking for someone local to purchase from to stock my Sons 15 and my soon to be 7.5 .
  5. 12g tank phosphates removal

    I would like to know how that worked for you.
  6. PArIsHIlToN 5G PIcO tANk MiXEd REeF

    Amazing tank and photographic skills. Are you using any other filtration/skimming? I see a return line in your photos.
  7. My 7.5g Mr. Aqua cube!

    Just placed an order for the same tank. Keep us posted on yours.
  8. Mr. Aqua Rimless Tanks?

    I just ordered the 7.5 gallon cube. I'll let you know when it gets here. It seems like a real bargain and 8.00 shipping.
  9. ebay member custom acrylic tanks

    I was just looking at his tanks on ebay. Now I need to decide a NC or one of his tanks. What do you guys think?
  10. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  11. Time to move my 3 gallon into a little larger setup. Let me know what you have.
  12. This is a very large 4 feet tall skimmer. I used it on a 240 several years back, been stored since. It has a recirculating pump installed (little giant) It came with a quiet one recirculating pump but that one failed. It's a very nice american made skimmer. I would like to get 350.00 for it. That's half what it cost new. I'm looking for a Biocube setup. I'm in NW Ohio.
  13. FS 30'' Current Dual Satellite 130w Socal

    Any Pics? i'm interested.
  14. submersible led

    The underwater LEDS on ebay are a waste of money. Not enough light as Evilc66 said and one of mine burned out in a week. Live and learn.
  15. Nice review, any updates ? I'm interested in the 12" fixture.Here is what the company rep sent me in response to an email. Thank you for your enquiry. Please find the informations shown below as requested: Intensity: ~7,000lux under 12inches distance PAR: ~300PAR in the surface Attached pictures are the lamps side of fixture. Best regards,