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    - Long walks down the beach.
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    - bubblebaths.
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  1. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

    Sorry about that, Kat. Tanks have been running pretty much with autopilot only with daily feedings and weekly ATO refills and odd water change here and there.. Just insane hours put to work and rest spent with the kids took toll on online time.
  2. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

    Dang. Been a while eh? But hey, the tank is still going on steady. Here, have a polyp:
  3. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

  4. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

    I bet that zoa never saw what was coming. Truth be told, I couldn't guess it'd turn around in favor of that monti. http://s813.photobucket.com/user/twittfooth/media/Reef%20538/file_zpsf62d5091.jpg.html'>
  5. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

    Finnish mid-summer midnight from my own little island in Finnish archipelago.
  6. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

    Optics will be replaced with 90 degree ones one of these days. Optics are needed to keep light spill minimum in cabinet as I've had it with coralline growing on skimmer neck and everywhere really.
  7. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

    Thanks Kat! All is well with things. Been just lurking around lately as things have been slightly hectic at my end. TJ - light is only raised enough from the surface to get the colours. <2 inches or so with 45 degree optics. Someone (not pointing any fingers here ) forgot to buy more royal blues, so there's a slight cyan overload going on right now. Issue will be dealt with at some point. Or not. We'll see.
  8. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

    Power/control Unit Frags Macros
  9. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

  10. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

    Yup. 4A max per channel.
  11. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

    That's a driver in itself actually. As I'm about to build two completely different lights here. The LDD board will be used for my sump light (profilux controlled) and that timer thingy will be used as a stand alone nano unit. Fuge light comes first as a sort of prototype for the concept. Actual nano units will look slightly different.
  12. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

  13. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

    Slowly, to say the least. Diodes, LDDs, optics and power are currently enroute. Then some soldering and wiring.. Pretty straightforward. Should be ready by christmas. Here's a list of diodes to be used: 3000K 6400K 410nm 460nm 490nm 620nm And here's a short timelapse (with filthy glass) of sundown.
  14. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

    Yup. Some fresh Rhizopora roots.
  15. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha