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  1. Sorry about that, Kat. Tanks have been running pretty much with autopilot only with daily feedings and weekly ATO refills and odd water change here and there.. Just insane hours put to work and rest spent with the kids took toll on online time.
  2. Dang. Been a while eh? But hey, the tank is still going on steady. Here, have a polyp:
  3. But what's that mess in the tank? Spaghetti monster?
  4. Decent
  5. Oh, sorry.
  6. 4th time the charm, eh?
  7. Mooning?
  8. Hard to say. This monti just seems to be really "light" colored. What bulbs are you using? Also you might want to consider removing those bubble algae at some point before they become a real nuisance.
  9. How's the light on that poor transparent little fella?
  10. Nice!
  11. looks great!
  12. Nice nail polish Stevie.
  13. Nice!
  14. Nice'n'simple! Extra points on good size colonies instead of having a gazillion frag plugs all around the tank!
  15. Not for me. Looks way too high for SPS other than encrusting. For colorful sticks never add rock over 50% if the height.