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  1. Noob... quite a lot of questions :/

    Here it is ! So, I finally made it ! I had some issue with a leak for the pump's chamber, the tank filled it so i had to put silicon, it's not very pretty but it's better than nothing. To resume, I put the water and after the salt. I'm now with 1,023 everywhere in the tank. I put (dead ?) sand and living rocks which I'm not sure are really still alive as they had a strong smell and I brushed and washed them quite a lot... I also put 3 little rocks in the large chamber. I have the first chamber which is empty. After, in the second one, 3 LR and also I didn't find chaetomorpha, the clerks were all amazed and were not so helpful. In the last one I have the pump. It goes to the chiller (hailea 130A) and after in the tank. I have to say that I'm impressed with the chiller, it's very effective. Do I need to put anything in the first chamber like ceramics in a bag or filter foss and do I have to add something in the second one ? Anyway, it starts to looking good \o/
  2. Noob... quite a lot of questions :/

    For the lights, I have a blue one and a white one. I assumed that it was 2 x 6700K but on the blue, I didn't see anything in fact. I'll get a chiller and macroalgae tomorrow. I'll also add the salt. I will buy the LR this week-end. I'll see next month for the lights I think except if it's cheap I will try without skimmer in a first time and get one if needed. Thanks again for your help (all of you !)
  3. Noob... quite a lot of questions :/

    arf, I thought I could stay with these ones ! Thanks for the reply by the way I have to get back anyway to buy the LR so I'll check the lights. Do I need to buy a skimmer or anything else than what I have now ? I saw some tanks with more or less devices. I also get a chiller as it's very hot here. The temp of the water is about 87° and the summer has not yet begun ! Here the first pics : Here and here
  4. Hello there ! I just bought my first saltwater tank. In fact, it wasn't scheduled at all. I always wanted one but never had the opportunity nor the money. Just moved in HK and I saw that everything was cheap and I was told by a clerk that I could make a nano for cheap so I tried. The thing is, he sold me a 15 gallons. It have 3 chambers and he filled 2 with ceramics rings and a bit of filter floss. In the third one a have a pump (NewJet 800) with only one way out. For the light I have 2 T5 of 6700K. I already read quite a lot of pages and I fear it is NOT the good way to do it at all. I filled the tank with water just to be sure there's no leak. I will empty the tank soon and fill it with osmosis water. My first question is, do I need to rid off the ceramic stuff or not as I will put living rocks in the tank ? ' Sorry if it sounds "noob"