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  1. Been out of the hobby for a couple years and now I'm back and burning money again. Feels great. as the title says, got myself a long and shallow. Equipment List: Mr. Aqua 22 Gallon Long Jebao DCT-8000 VorTech MP10WQD (thanks @crownsbroyal!) with Pico Aquariums Shield (thanks @cdelicath!) Vivid Aquariums Random Flow Generator Euro-fil 180 Sump Smart ATO Bubble Magus Curve 5 EcoTech Radion XR30W Pro Gen 3 Jebao Auto Dosing Pump DP-4 (dosing with ESV B-ionic 2-part)
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    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    haven't updated in a while du to a battle with bryopsis....which led to cyano.....which led to dinos.... used everything from frequent water changes to reef flux...to chemiclean....to vibrant i eventually just stopped water changes for 2 months. I then took out all my rocks and brushed them clean. vacuumed 50% of my sand bed. and reduced my light cycle to 4.5 hours. i also took out some live rock and separated the ones i had in there. i figured if i minimized the nooks and crannys, the algae will have less places to get caught in and grow. it's only been 3 days but my tank is looking cleaner than ever. fingers crossed!
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    eddy putra

    awesome. congrats! i've always loved this tank. your tank is evident that sps frags need to be well spaced so that they have room to grow out. after some time, the results are amazing.
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    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    great looking tank. i really admire the discipline to keep it nem only.
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    Nondakee's 20G

    awesome. very awesome.
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    First reef aquascape

    i like the first one better. i found it calming.
  8. that sucks man. i was excited to see all your frags grow out. things were looking real good. congrats on the new house. with a dedicated fish room, i can't wait to see what you come up with.
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    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    Not much to update...haven't added new coral. Growth has been real good though and seems like the tank is getting more and more stable. I had a cyano outbreak a month ago which I battled with frequent water changes. What really did the trick was some chemipure blue. Good stuff! 2 months ago... Today.... Also..my green banded gobies have been gettin' freaky... Sadly had 2 fish go due to my stubbornness of not wanting to get a screen top. The blue dashed blenny and watchman goby.... I'll have to give in and get a top before getting any more fish
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    Barton's 20g I won the lottery

    what are shooting glasses? I'm having a hard time taking quality pics with my iphone x
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    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    some new stuff some sort of purple acro birdsnest various zoas/palys (rastas, sunny d's, scrambled eggs, pink zippers, orange somethings....) FTS
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    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    the bayer dip killed 3 of em... i noticed some white circles on my pink zippers which i thought a week ago were new polyps forming...but they're actually nudi eggs!!!! They're encased in this sort of gel so it was impossible to remove with tweezers. What did the trick were q-tips. Hopefully I got most of those little bastards..but I'll keep a look out. I've read they can be rather difficult to get rid of because they could be anywhere in the tank looking for more zoas.
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    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    Woke up this morning finding these 2 critters... Turns out to be zoanthid eating nudibranches. I did notice that most of my zoa's were closed the past 2 weeks. i thought i was because of my host hungry clowns. I'll try a Bayer dip this weekend.
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    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    I loved the 2 green banded gobies so much, I made them a trio. They're so interesting to watch...scootin out of rocks, darting into hiding places... Especially great for nano tanks because of their tiny size. They make little nooks and crevices into a whole world. Here's a pic of the trio (minus 1)! also added a Tomini to my liveaquaria delivery. Here's him getting the intros out the way through the looking glass
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    22g Mr Aqua AIO - BATTLEBOX IS HERE!!!

    I use the same salt. I love how I don't have to dose my water changes since the params are perfect with each mix. I just dose enough to keep my alk steady.
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    22g Mr Aqua AIO - BATTLEBOX IS HERE!!!

    What salt do you use? and how much does your alk fluctuate by from after a water change to right before one?
  17. reefrook

    IM 14g Peninsula

    looking good so far. btw, i thought your cat was in the tank..i had to take a second look! i was thinking right away, "that can't be good for your filter"
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    22g Mr Aqua AIO - BATTLEBOX IS HERE!!!

    does he ever take a swipe at the fish?
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    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    After taking his talents to a smaller shell, the king is back. Funny little critter.
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    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    @Christopher Marks, the nozzle worked great...provided what seemed to be random flow. The only problem was that my tank is too shallow. With the high return rate, sand was getting pushed around. I took it off and now just have a straight stream right under the surface. The randomness comes from the opposing flow out of the MP10 that's on reef crest mode. here's some more pics of the little guy. he's a mouth breather... i dont know if its injury or if he was just born that way but his mouth is always open. 4 days ago I changed my 2-part dosing from 8 mL/day to 7mL/day and I think I have it dialed in. Might be too early to tell, but the Alk looks to be stable! 2/28 PM 7.514 3/1 AM 7.616 PM 7.952 3/2 AM 8.064 PM 8.176 3/3 AM 8.456 (dialed it down to 7mL) PM 8.624 3/4 AM 8.624 PM 8.792 PM 8.568 (after a 15% water change) 3/5 AM 8.4 PM 8.624 (calcium at 420) 3/6 AM 8.568 PM 8.568 3/7 AM 8.4 PM 8.512 (calcium at 410) I'll keep monitoring the alk levels daily for another week or so. If it holds steady, I can cut back on the testing. one other change i made was with my lighting schedule. I downloaded a schedule from battlecoral... his schedule had good reviews and with a name like that, he has to be trusted! My corals were doing fine at first but maybe a week ago, they didn't quite have the same PE. I started thinking that the almost 14 hour schedule was just too much light. So last night I switched it up to the AB+ schedule and run it for 12 hours. Came home today and my stylo was in full form! First time in a week. I have a par meter coming in but until then I think I'll go with this light schedule.
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    22 Gallon Long Aquamaxx

    great start! any updates?
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    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    And just now I found out that there is a Hanna Alk Checker that gives readings in dkh....doh!!! The one I have gives readings in PPM. So I take that reading and multiply it by .056 to convert it to dkh.
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    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    Been dosing 2 part for the past 6 days. I'm aiming for a schedule that keeps my alk steady. I started with 8 mL of both parts daily spread out in 8 doses. (tested with Hanna) 2/28 PM 7.514 dkh 3/1 AM 7.616 dkh PM 7.952 dkh 3/2 AM 8.064 dkh PM 8.176 dkh 3/3 AM 8.456 dkh Surprisingly, I'm in pretty good shape. Although the levels increase, it increases only by a little and does it steadily. I cut it back to 7mL spread out in 7 doses. Hopefully that's the magic number. In other news, with his recent visit to the big city, the staghorn traded his SUV for an easy to park mini coop. the bubble coral from Diver's Den is settling in nicely the blenny is up to something...per usual and the rainford is just minding his own
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    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    The fish acclimated nicely. The bubble coral still has not opened up fully but it's getting there! Yea..he's awesome! Every tank needs at least 1 blenny. The pictures above actually show 2 separate bags. In total, I ordered a pair of green banded gobies, 1 blue-dashed blenny, and 1 bubble coral.
  25. Can I get an ID? Can't really tell in the video but it's eyes are lined yellow and it's back fin is lined with a neon-ish blue.