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  1. Been out of the hobby for a couple years and now I'm back and burning money again. Feels great. as the title says, got myself a long and shallow. Equipment List: Mr. Aqua 22 Gallon Long Jebao DCT-8000 VorTech MP10WQD (thanks @crownsbroyal!) with Pico Aquariums Shield (thanks @cdelicath!) Vivid Aquariums Random Flow Generator Euro-fil 180 Sump Smart ATO Bubble Magus Curve 5 EcoTech Radion XR30W Pro Gen 3
  2. ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    I had diatoms and little patches of green algae which I was hoping it would help control. Not sure how much of the algae it actually ate though. Now that all the algae seems to be dying off, I'll have to find him a new home. Unless you have any feeding suggestions?
  3. Nano Addict's 20g Fusion

    Looking good! I love 10 gallons. With the right scape and livestock, it's actually quite big. Great work! I hate taking pics with my iphone as well. I tried taking pictures with the "Aquarium Cam" app and that was a little better. Although, it removed the blue hue, the pics looked so grainy. Now I just turn off all the blues on my Radion and take pictures with the regular iphone camera and the pics turn out a lot better. Not sure if you can turn off the blues easily on your nanobox.
  4. ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    now i am... didn't really think about it. that can't be pretty... looks like he's going in the fuge until i find him a new home. thanks for the heads up, @Muraki
  5. ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    finally finished my cycle 2 weeks ago and started adding some livestock (i'll have to apologize for these pics and any pics moving forward... trying my best with my iphone!) stylo with his nudi buddy wasn't planning on getting one but he was the last fish left at a tank breakdown sale... couldn't leave him i love hairy sps picked up a used bubble magus curve 5. for some reason, i thought if i didn't clean it, it would produce skinmate immediately. totally wrong. also added a monti cap and a tiny hammer frag. along with the other frags, i'm going to see how these guys do before adding anything more expensive. fingers crossed! there's also 2 yellowtailed damsels and a high fin goby/pistol pair somewhere in there.
  6. Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Following! I have a mr. aqua 22L myself.
  7. Hi all. After a long break, I'm finally getting back into the hobby. I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the new lighting options and need some help. I have a Mr. Aqua 22 gallon long (36in x 12in x 12in) and I just can't figure out if I should go with 2 Kessils or 1, the 160 or the 360. Or perhaps AI? And if I do, do I go with 2 HD's or 1 Hydra? Or a Radion...or a nanobox? I want a versatile setup that will let me grow almost anything successfully. I also don't want to go over $700. Any help is appreciated!
  8. ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    Like I said, I've been out of the game for a while. When it came time to choose a light, I was a bit overwhelmed. Thanks to the folks on here (and Craigslist!), I settled with an EcoTech Radion XR30w Pro G3. But now what?!?! Just too many configuration options. I ended up importing another reefers schedule and loading it up. Anybody have suggestions on how high to hang the light? I have it at 12" now. From 2pm - 7pm it runs at its max intensity (68%).
  9. Lighting suggestions for a 22 gal long?

    I found a good deal (or at least what I think is a good deal) for a Radion XR30w gen 3 ($390). While I was really looking forward to the nanobox quad, I couldn't pass up the option of having a quality light and saving $300+ in the process. Thanks all! btw, the guy I bought it from has 2 more if anybody is interested. Just DM me.
  10. ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    I opted for 1 drain and 1 return so that I could still have an MP10 in there without looking crowded. My only worry was...what if the overflow gets blocked? My solution was to modify the return chamber of my sump. I sealed the chamber so that in the event that water flow stops, water to the return is also halted.
  11. ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    First order of business was the overflow and return. After much consideration..... I just copied what somebody smarter than me did (@Muraki). 1.5" drain and a 3/4" return. Actually, Muraki did 2 sets. Me just one. I also followed his lead by putting in a monster of a return pump (flow rate > 2000 gals) and using some sort of random flow generator on the return.
  12. Pal's 30l fusion ugh

    Sorry bout the casualties. But I still love the tank. I like how everything looks so large and matured. Great job!
  13. Lighting suggestions for a 22 gal long?

    Great feedback. Thanks @Scorch
  14. Lighting suggestions for a 22 gal long?

    Looking at your build, you've proved you can house anything with the Quad. How high do you hang it off the water surface? Deciding if I should get the 9in or 15in goose neck.
  15. Lighting suggestions for a 22 gal long?

    Looks like I'm in the boat with you...AI or Nanobox. Thanks for the advice!
  16. Lighting suggestions for a 22 gal long?

    You don't think a Quad will be overkill for the 12" depth?
  17. Lighting suggestions for a 22 gal long?

    I'll be keeping LPS, softies, and SPS. Thanks for that write-up. I think I can safely cross out Kessil's from my options. I'm leaning towards 2 prime HDs as opposed to 1 Hydra so that the tank can have full coverage for the 36", end to end.
  18. cool tank! i've been eyeing a 12 gallon long for a while now. might pull the trigger.
  19. moving and getting rid of whatever i can…. - 48" x 24" x 12" Acrylic Tank by Advanced Acrylics. about 60 gals, external overflow, stand included $200 - 36" x 16" x 15" Acrylic Sump by Advanced Acrylics $80 - Sunlight Supply 48" Maristar 2x150W MH, w/ 2x54w T5, + galaxy dual MH HQI Ballast $300 - SWC 150 Skimmer $80 livestock and misc. items… pm me for pricing and more info -eheim return pump -green mandarin -pair of black occs -flame angel -2 rbta's -mini red planet colony -koralia 3, koralia 2, tunze 6045 (i think) -various common zoas -heater -DIY auto top-off -live rock, sand -water jugs -new 150 ushio mh bulb $750 takes all prices negotiable some pictures
  20. Moving Sale! Everything must go

    full setup (everything) sold
  21. Moving Sale! Everything must go

    the ATO setup is really primitive. just 2 float switches on an extension cord hooked up to a aqualifter. it's never done me wrong though...had it for about 3 years. i'll consider. pm me
  22. reefrooks 60G shallow

    Current FTS: my first tank, which was a 10gal, did not survive my chicago to la move. and due to the financial strain of such a big move, i did not expect to have a new tank anytime soon…. until i found the deal of all deals!! omgomgomg omgomgomg i found a local reefer who was moving and needed his equipment gone asap. i pretty much took his whole setup. 48 x 24 x 12 acrylic, drilled with an external overflow 48" maristar mh with t5 + ballast sump + eheim return pump he also threw in the stand he built for this tank, 7 water jugs, a bucket of sand, and a couple of t5 bulbs i'm pretty damn excited to get this thing cleaned and filled… but i also feel kind of lost as this is quite a huge leap from my tiny 10g. i want to keep things as simple as possible but also want to ensure this tanks success. For those that know, i have some questions: Is a calcium reactor necessary to have thriving sps colonies? skimmer? how often do you do water changes?
  23. ADA 90P reef build

    Updates? Btw, how are those active pearls working out? I've been seriously considering them for my tank.