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  1. So I realized that I've been testing my Salifert Calcium test kit wrong this whole time. In low resolution mode not only am I supposed to cut the test water amount in half, but also Ca-1 and Ca-2. I haven't been doing that, thus getting incorrect readings. After correcting my testing, my Ca has been sitting at 600+ ppm this whole time. I've been avoiding any water changes since I finally have my algae situation under control but I think one is necessary at this point. From there I'll dose baking soda to match my Fritz RPM Redline salt mix. The solution to the algae situation has brought up another problem. While I've been dosing Vibrant aquarium cleaner to successfully rid my tank of any nuisance algae, it has caused the nitrate to bottom out. Recent tests show nitrates are undetectable. Which explains why my corals are looking a little pale and why cyano starts to appear after 1 week of dosing Vibrant aquarium cleaner. Ca: 620 ppm Alk: 7.3 dkh NO3: 0 ppm PO4: 0 ppm PLAN: Get Ca down and Alk up with a water change and baking soda dosing. Then continue regular ESV 2 part dosing. Get nitrate and phosphate up using Vibrant Chroma Color + Refine Keep nuisance algae at bay by using Vibrant Aquarium Cleaner if necessary. Hopefully I can eventually ween off the Vibrant products.
  2. I have a 22 gallon long...lol. Right that is my only source of flow which is why I went with more power than needed. I have it running at 50%.
  3. Looking good! I have the same skimmer and almost the same return pump (Jebao DCT-8000). No complaints about the return pump except when it shut down out of nowhere. Luckily I was doing some work on the tank at the time. I ended up taking it apart and cleaning the magnet part of it. Running smooth again. This was after 10 months. So I'd recommend to do a cleaning if you plan on being away for a while.
  4. Latest FTS. Did a little rearranging...added some more rock to create more ledges for future sps
  5. Thanks @Snazxy. Things took a turn for the worse as of late. My birdsnest started bleaching pretty bad which I eventually lost. The stylo had some STN going on around the base and was not giving full polyp extension. My torch lost a couple heads. I also noticed that parts of my sand bed were rock hard. I checked the params and my calcium was sky high (>600) and my alk was around 5.5. Turns out that the head that doses the alk crapped out. 🤦‍♂️ You get what you pay for, right? ( Jebao DP-4 Dosing Pump). I replaced the head and have been slowly trying to get the alk back up. It's not where I want it yet but so far so good. While the birdsnest was a casualty, the stylo is recovering. Right now I'm just dosing more of the alk of my b-ionic 2 part. Not sure if this is the best route to get my alk back up. Perhaps baking soda if this doesn't work.
  6. haven't updated in a while du to a battle with bryopsis....which led to cyano.....which led to dinos.... used everything from frequent water changes to reef flux...to chemiclean....to vibrant i eventually just stopped water changes for 2 months. I then took out all my rocks and brushed them clean. vacuumed 50% of my sand bed. and reduced my light cycle to 4.5 hours. i also took out some live rock and separated the ones i had in there. i figured if i minimized the nooks and crannys, the algae will have less places to get caught in and grow. it's only been 3 days but my tank is looking cleaner than ever. fingers crossed!
  7. awesome. congrats! i've always loved this tank. your tank is evident that sps frags need to be well spaced so that they have room to grow out. after some time, the results are amazing.
  8. great looking tank. i really admire the discipline to keep it nem only.
  9. i like the first one better. i found it calming.
  10. that sucks man. i was excited to see all your frags grow out. things were looking real good. congrats on the new house. with a dedicated fish room, i can't wait to see what you come up with.
  11. Not much to update...haven't added new coral. Growth has been real good though and seems like the tank is getting more and more stable. I had a cyano outbreak a month ago which I battled with frequent water changes. What really did the trick was some chemipure blue. Good stuff! 2 months ago... Today.... Also..my green banded gobies have been gettin' freaky... Sadly had 2 fish go due to my stubbornness of not wanting to get a screen top. The blue dashed blenny and watchman goby.... I'll have to give in and get a top before getting any more fish
  12. what are shooting glasses? I'm having a hard time taking quality pics with my iphone x
  13. some new stuff some sort of purple acro birdsnest various zoas/palys (rastas, sunny d's, scrambled eggs, pink zippers, orange somethings....) FTS
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