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  1. WV Reefer's 12 Gallon Long and Dirty

    cool tank! i've been eyeing a 12 gallon long for a while now. might pull the trigger.
  2. Moving Sale! Everything must go

    full setup (everything) sold
  3. Moving Sale! Everything must go

    the ATO setup is really primitive. just 2 float switches on an extension cord hooked up to a aqualifter. it's never done me wrong though...had it for about 3 years. i'll consider. pm me
  4. moving and getting rid of whatever i can…. - 48" x 24" x 12" Acrylic Tank by Advanced Acrylics. about 60 gals, external overflow, stand included $200 - 36" x 16" x 15" Acrylic Sump by Advanced Acrylics $80 - Sunlight Supply 48" Maristar 2x150W MH, w/ 2x54w T5, + galaxy dual MH HQI Ballast $300 - SWC 150 Skimmer $80 livestock and misc. items… pm me for pricing and more info -eheim return pump -green mandarin -pair of black occs -flame angel -2 rbta's -mini red planet colony -koralia 3, koralia 2, tunze 6045 (i think) -various common zoas -heater -DIY auto top-off -live rock, sand -water jugs -new 150 ushio mh bulb $750 takes all prices negotiable some pictures
  5. ADA 90P reef build

    Updates? Btw, how are those active pearls working out? I've been seriously considering them for my tank.
  6. reefrooks 60G shallow

    No, I'm not too worried. I feed him squid, shrimp or silversides every day. He never goes for any of the fish in the tank. Even at night time, when they usually go hunting, I saw my little mandarin sleeping right next to his den. The snowflake paid no attention to him. As far as corals, I'm planning to stock mainly sps. I may pick up some zoas and acans to line the base of the rock work. Thanks for looking Bonk!
  7. Bonk's 39G

    Niiiiiice! Very slick. I regret getting an acrylic tank. All those little scratches drive me nuts. Excited to see what you put together. Great avatar btw. I love that movie.... Too funny
  8. SoCal's 60g Cube (Dismantled)

    Sorry to hear that SoCal. Such beautiful fish. Mine was doing well for a month, eating and everything. Then one morning I found it pressed up against one of the powerheads. Dunno what happened...
  9. TR0Ns ZEOvit ..::SouthReef::..

    I always double check. I learned the hard way. After I turned my mp10 back on for a little over a minute, I noticed it was acting funny, like it had a bi-color Blenny in there or something
  10. reefrooks 60G shallow

    Thanks for the advice lawnman! I was considering getting a yellow tang and you may have just persuaded me to. As for the overflow, I wanted to keep it clean of anything (coralline, algae, etc.) And if I had some extra cash, I would definitely have an mp40 in there. Thanks for stopping by! Thanks SoCal!
  11. mdannyg's 33.5 gallon

    wow! looks awesome danny. good work
  12. rbaby' 60-F Dual View Panorama

    Very nice! And you're right, mushrooms as well as most softies are often overlooked.
  13. Mark's 65gal mixed reef

    Great job on the acans! 4yrs is a long time
  14. Disaster's 80gal + 15gal SPS Reef Tank

    Nice! You got some beautiful pieces.
  15. mdannyg's 33.5 gallon

    I'm liking what I see Danny. Any updates on your birdsnest and the other sps? Curious to see if the issue was resolved