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  1. reefrook

    eddy putra

    awesome. congrats! i've always loved this tank. your tank is evident that sps frags need to be well spaced so that they have room to grow out. after some time, the results are amazing.
  2. reefrook

    17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    great looking tank. i really admire the discipline to keep it nem only.
  3. reefrook

    Nondakee's 20G

    awesome. very awesome.
  4. reefrook

    First reef aquascape

    i like the first one better. i found it calming.
  5. that sucks man. i was excited to see all your frags grow out. things were looking real good. congrats on the new house. with a dedicated fish room, i can't wait to see what you come up with.
  6. reefrook

    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    Not much to update...haven't added new coral. Growth has been real good though and seems like the tank is getting more and more stable. I had a cyano outbreak a month ago which I battled with frequent water changes. What really did the trick was some chemipure blue. Good stuff! 2 months ago... Today.... Also..my green banded gobies have been gettin' freaky... Sadly had 2 fish go due to my stubbornness of not wanting to get a screen top. The blue dashed blenny and watchman goby.... I'll have to give in and get a top before getting any more fish
  7. reefrook

    Barton's 20g I won the lottery

    what are shooting glasses? I'm having a hard time taking quality pics with my iphone x
  8. reefrook

    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    some new stuff some sort of purple acro birdsnest various zoas/palys (rastas, sunny d's, scrambled eggs, pink zippers, orange somethings....) FTS
  9. reefrook

    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    the bayer dip killed 3 of em... i noticed some white circles on my pink zippers which i thought a week ago were new polyps forming...but they're actually nudi eggs!!!! They're encased in this sort of gel so it was impossible to remove with tweezers. What did the trick were q-tips. Hopefully I got most of those little bastards..but I'll keep a look out. I've read they can be rather difficult to get rid of because they could be anywhere in the tank looking for more zoas.
  10. reefrook

    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    Woke up this morning finding these 2 critters... Turns out to be zoanthid eating nudibranches. I did notice that most of my zoa's were closed the past 2 weeks. i thought i was because of my host hungry clowns. I'll try a Bayer dip this weekend.
  11. reefrook

    ryans_ mr aqua 22 gallon long

    I loved the 2 green banded gobies so much, I made them a trio. They're so interesting to watch...scootin out of rocks, darting into hiding places... Especially great for nano tanks because of their tiny size. They make little nooks and crevices into a whole world. Here's a pic of the trio (minus 1)! also added a Tomini to my liveaquaria delivery. Here's him getting the intros out the way through the looking glass
  12. reefrook

    22g Mr Aqua AIO

    I use the same salt. I love how I don't have to dose my water changes since the params are perfect with each mix. I just dose enough to keep my alk steady.
  13. reefrook

    22g Mr Aqua AIO

    What salt do you use? and how much does your alk fluctuate by from after a water change to right before one?
  14. reefrook

    IM 14g Peninsula

    looking good so far. btw, i thought your cat was in the tank..i had to take a second look! i was thinking right away, "that can't be good for your filter"
  15. reefrook

    22g Mr Aqua AIO

    does he ever take a swipe at the fish?