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  1. So... over a year later, I DO still have the tank running. School proved to be just as time consuming as those before me warned . Lost a lot of corals unfortunately but I'm back. To catch everyone up, I just finished with my 2nd year of school and I'm preparing for my Part 1 board examination coming up July 11th. These next 2 years are my clinical years (no in class didactics), which means no more countless hours of studying & more time to nurse this tank back to where I want it. I just moved to LA last week and have since done a water change. Ran into a minor problem involving connecting my RO/DI unit up but hopefully that'll be solved thanks to seabass & his suggestion to use a John Guest angle stop valve. Anyways, here's what I'm working with now..
  2. Proper way to use Purigen

    I like to have mine fluidized. I've noticed this way the media becomes equally darkened rather than just a specific spot. I think it should work fine in either case though. Hope this helps!
  3. Got a Coral Banded Shrimp I want to get rid of, ~1.5 inches head to tail. $10 or trades for coral or best offer. Located in 90025, Santa Monica Blvd & Overland
  4. Special RO/DI adapters?

    Thank you, seabass. That's an option I'll look into!
  5. Special RO/DI adapters?

    Unfortunately I don't think those will work because the kitchen sink has a hose that's much smaller in diameter. I did a little searching and couldn't find anything for that. If anything I feel like there should be a female fitting that would screw into my restroom sink faucet. I haven't done too much searching to be honest. I'm thinking about just taking my aerator from the sink and my RODI diverter to the hardware store to see if they have something. I can't be the only one with this problem, right?? I hate the idea of having to go back to buying distilled water for the next year while I'm out here
  6. Special RO/DI adapters?

    I just moved into a new apartment and I'm having trouble connecting my BRS RO/DI unit. I don't want to tap into the main water lines that come out of the wall for the faucets. I've taken pictures of the kitchen & bathroom sinks. Are there any special adapters out there can I can use to connect to my BRS RO/DI unit? I measured the kitchen faucet head, the male part is about 5/8'' The bathroom faucet is different in that it is a recessed (the threaded part goes into the head of the sink) male thread Any thoughts/ideas are appreciated!!!
  7. Hello, I have the first model of the CADlights Mini 8 AIO tank (not the most reason Mini II). I was wondering if anyone has had experience with putting a skimmer in one of these? The first overflow chamber is around 3x4in (length x width) and the second chamber is even smaller. I was hoping to put an Aquaticlife 115 in the first chamber but it doesn't look like it's gonna fit, the dimensions are 3.25 x 3.5in according to their website. Are there any injection skimmers that would fit back there? I know airstone skimmers would fit but I would rather avoid those. Lastly, I know with such a small tank water changes can take care of nutrient export.. blah blah.. but that's besides what I'm trying to accomplish here. Thank you
  8. Nanobox mini V3 fan size

    Sorry to hear about your car, Dave. Hopefully everything is sorted out. Thanks for your reply
  9. Nanobox mini V3 fan size

    Hey guys, the fan in my nanobox mini went out and I'm trying to replace it. I've tried contacting Dave at nanobox and he hasn't responded so I thought I'd try out here. Does anyone know what size fan this is? Thanks!
  10. Filter?

    pm sent
  11. WTS - AC70 & Koralia Nano 425

    This stuff is still available.. open to trades and offers
  12. Gone.

    My thoughts exactly.. I'd be all over this if I weren't going to Portland for Memorial day weekend.
  13. Filter section intake

    I agree with Steve. I siliconed a piece of plastic behind the bottom slits on every AIO tank I've had.