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  1. Hello, I have the first model of the CADlights Mini 8 AIO tank (not the most reason Mini II). I was wondering if anyone has had experience with putting a skimmer in one of these? The first overflow chamber is around 3x4in (length x width) and the second chamber is even smaller. I was hoping to put an Aquaticlife 115 in the first chamber but it doesn't look like it's gonna fit, the dimensions are 3.25 x 3.5in according to their website. Are there any injection skimmers that would fit back there? I know airstone skimmers would fit but I would rather avoid those. Lastly, I know with such a small tank water changes can take care of nutrient export.. blah blah.. but that's besides what I'm trying to accomplish here. Thank you
  2. Sorry to hear about your car, Dave. Hopefully everything is sorted out. Thanks for your reply
  3. Hey guys, the fan in my nanobox mini went out and I'm trying to replace it. I've tried contacting Dave at nanobox and he hasn't responded so I thought I'd try out here. Does anyone know what size fan this is? Thanks!
  4. that. is. a. bigass. frogspawn/hammer.