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  1. Nice ones!
  2. stunning
  3. Incredible.
  4. Great Scape
  5. WANT
  6. algae destroyer, fuzzy chiton
  7. This fit in a 20G?
  8. sexy!!!
  9. Nice i had a frag like that and it's pretty huge now. Check out my tank, I positioned it on a branch rock so that over the past two years it has taken the shape of the rock and it's getting really awesome now.
  10. awesome
  11. Yeah that acan doesn't look too good.
  12. Yeah it looks like the pink/red one I have in the picture you took. Can't be my macbook pro, it's LED screen and beautiful!
  13. I cut the brace off of my 50 Breeder over a year ago to get rid of that problem. I blocked so much light from my 250W MH. Not the safest route but no problems as of yet.
  14. You guys need to understand that tangs attack these things and kill them slowly over the course of 2 weeks. My tang was attacking the polyps on my acans (for fun) repeatedly when I stopped giving him algae sheets (to make him eat the hair algae). Needless to say the tang is now out of the tank. They are not reef safe when hungry.