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  1. Frizz's 30 Breeder:

    So I moved again to a new apartment in Richmond. Right before I left the AC broke at my old place and it was 90 degrees f in my apartment for over a week and there was nothing I could do about it. Needless to say, I lost some SPS but the new rock scape is incredibly good. I just sit around and stare at it all day, I finally nailed it. Stacking the rocks before filling the tank helped me so much. Also, (although I hate to admit it) having less corals has made it easier to rock scape. It was overcrowded before and now it has a simpler, more straightforward and refined look. I have some friends with macro cameras down here now so I'm gonna try to get somebody to come photograph my corals soon. I got rid of my yellow tang also, he was obviously not happy in this tank. It's just the mandarin now still eating his pellets. I'm considering trying a female mandarin. I probably won't risk it though and get a fish that swims around and is very colorful and a good pick for my tank size. No clownfish, they'll steal the Mandarins food.
  2. New Hobbyist looking to join a community

    The only fish I recommend from your list for your tank size is the Wrasse and the Clown. The Flame Angel is do-able but you'll have to worry about it developing a taste for your corals that you get in the future. The mandarin requires an established tank (up and running for years) and a 30 gallon is still too small. The only reason I keep mine in a 30 gallon is because I had him in a 50 Breeder for 8 months eating only pods. He then on his own started eating pellets. This is not normally the case. He will most likely slowly starve in your tank over the course of 3-4 months.
  3. New Hobbyist looking to join a community

    Rock scape looks awesome! Can't wait to see it filled with corals.
  4. The FTS Thread!

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated.
  5. Three baffles obsolete?

    I have no baffles and no micro bubbles.
  6. Coral id please

    Probably radioactive dragon eyes or something similar. They're pretty common. Are they like really bright green? Watch out for the radiation.
  7. tips for coral growth

    Some zoas spread faster than others IME. Just having stable parameters will help and also remember that the further you get into the growth process, the more exponential it becomes. The more polyps you have the faster they will populate. That's why I always shell out the extra money for the slightly larger version of the coral. It will always grow faster than a smaller frag and then you can trade or sell the frags. I shelled out $190 for a quality duncan colony that was worth FAR more and now I could frag this out and make over $600 if I sold it at 20/head. I never would but it's getting too large for my tank so I may be making my original investment back soon.
  8. Black sand? Who has it?

    I don't have any issues with the caribsea being magnetic and I use a magfloat. How are you guys having issues with this? Maybe it's because I only used 20 lbs of sand in a 30 Breeder.
  9. Frizz's 30 Breeder:

    I unfortunately have no iodine or superglue. Nor fragging materials. I've never had problems like these before. Had this stag for over a year, it was turning into a nice colony
  10. Frizz's 30 Breeder:

    So, my other staghorn is getting devastated by RTN now. Started yesterday. Possibly too close to the monti caps? They tend to piss of my staghorns when they're too close. Also, it has never fully recovered from the move although, it was coloring up. Some parts just never healed. I need a new stag but have no money lol.\ Anybody in the Richmond area want to trade euphelia for colorful staghorn frags? i have some really nice Euphelia and Duncan that I can frag (talking nice frags here).
  11. Dosing 50mL Alk / Calc a day, still not enough?

    Yes. My system depletes so much alk and calc. You have a lot of SPS coral. Mine seriously suck up the elements.
  12. TR0Ns ZEOvit ..::SouthReef::..

    Midas Blenny!!! They are so personable as long as there aren't any fish that will pick on it.
  13. Fragsreef.. floating 40 breeder SPS tank

    This build is looking really legit! Are you finishing your basement around this tank? Or are you just leaving it as is?
  14. Frizz's 30 Breeder:

    Yes they really do. I'm about to try and make a photographer friend here in Richmond because the Iphone doesnt do it justice!
  15. hitch hiker starfish

    Colored stars are normally bad news.