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  1. Kessil 350n with gooseneck and halo ring

    is that how blue it is with just the kessil on without the halos? how do you like your AI Prime?
  2. Overkill?

    Need some opinions, Was thinking about investing in a kessil 360w or 350w to go with my JBJ 28cube. Do you guys think itll be overkill? i heard the newer kessils are a bit brighter. so i just wanted to get some feed back from fellow reefers before i make the investment. Thanks in advance.
  3. 11% off all corals, starfish and anemones

    Do you guys do Will-Call on livestock?
  4. Stella's Sixty-Six

    Tank is turning out great! Cant wait to see it when you have some livestock in that tank
  5. Barry's BC-29 (New Black Sun Coral)

    Love the way your tank turned out!! Awesome sun corals. Congrats on the baby sun. proud parent are you? lol
  6. ordered my rock

    John at Reef Cleaners is awesome! Great guy and company to do business with. Good luck with your build!! please let us know how it turns out!!!
  7. New WYSIWYG Acan Frags Posted

    the last set of acans... what are they called? they look sick!!
  8. SOLD please close

    can i get a pic of the light?
  9. Ebay Light

    man for that price i would just order something off of ledtric.. i dont think 12k will help anything...
  10. What corals?

    good score.. agree with the other poster... first 2 are acans.. and rest is favias.
  11. My first coral!

    congrats on the new coral!
  12. Adding more sand

    then just make sure you rinse the sand really really good.. and def. add the sand slowly.. and from the post above.. add a cup every other day or so.. just so you dont kill anything from the old sand..
  13. first all in one

    that looks awesome!!
  14. Adding more sand

    is it live sand?
  15. WHATT? Amazing LPS dirt cheap!

    price drop price drop!!! do it!! do it!!! what if were in socali.. how much would shipping be... dont know if i can make it out to HB anytime soon..