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  1. Another price drop! Like new system for $410 shipped to your door. $500 for the Apex and the Battery backup.
  2. PRICE DROP Also included with the APEX is a brand new 100ft of CAT5 cable.
  3. Price drop on package deal. $420 shipped
  4. All Apex gear is less than a year old, bought new. All prices include PayPal fees and shipping within the 48. 100FT CAT 5 cable - New in box Energy Bar 8 Apex Display (still has protective cover) Apex Base unit includes temp and ph probe (both still wet) All necessary cords that come with the kit Price drop - all for $410 shipped Vortech battery backup. Brand new battery installed and has never been used but has always been plugged in with the supplied charger. - $115 $500 for both I have pictures of everything and will try and get them Posted. http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z184/GTOMAN212/IMG_8187.jpg
  5. 25 Lagoon plus

    It says all items "shipped from 32771" in the original post.
  6. Daves Nano Box Drop Off Lagoon : New Start

    Dave, Why does your morning start at 2pm?
  7. Lagoon 25 stocking questions

    I have ~15-18 lbs of pukani. After more reading, yeah chromis aren't for me. My favorite all time fish was a Cherub Angel. Such a fun fish to watch buzz all over the rockwork. So maybe, I sub the Angel for the 3 chromis.
  8. Lagoon 25 stocking questions

    System Specs: IM Lagoon 25 Dual Media Racks Floss on both sides Chemipure Tunze 9001 skimmer Weekly 10% water changes I plan on adding my fish slowly over 6-7 months and was wondering if this will be too much bioload: For sure adding - ocellaris clownfish pair For sure adding - goby pistol shrimp pair would like to add - 3 chromis Cherub Angel would like to add - either a yellowtail damsel or a wrasse (pygmy or possum)
  9. Cosmetic Flaw Duo Plus M : Hot Sale!

    Pm sent. I'll take it.
  10. Innovative Marine 25 Gallon Fusion Lagoon Aquarium

    These tanks ever go on sale?
  11. IM Lagoon 25 Lighting opinions

    Nothing at all. It looks great, just not as great as the simplicity of a single hanging Kessil. IMO, of course.
  12. IM Lagoon 25 Lighting opinions

    I've built three LED lights for tanks over the years and am done going that route. It was a good learning experience and cut costs, but that was before a house full of kids. A quality package is what I want. I'm definitely leaning towards the nanobox.
  13. IM Lagoon 25 Lighting opinions

    I've decided to downsize to an IM Lagoon 25 after I sell off my breeding gear. I'm having a heckuva time deciding on lighting for the tank with all the great LED options. It seems as if the NanoBox Duo is a great option and the thing darn near looks built for the tank dimensions. That said, there are other options and I was looking for opinions. My setup will be in a living area so aesthetics are nearly as important as performance. Plenty of LPS and a little SPS (easier to care for types). Sub $400 (ideally closer to $300) and I have no problem going the USED route and actually prefer buying USED LEDs (bang for your buck). Kessil route. By far my favorite looking setup. One A360 - Looks as if this will be plenty powerful for my needs. The best looking setup out of my short list. The shadowing pretty much kills it for me. I just don't like the shadowing. So... How about two A160s? Looks great and would help with the shadowing. My questions would be, are they powerful enough with that tank size for SPS? nanobox Duo Like I said above, this seems like the best option but it's not my favorite LOOKING option. AI PRIME HD This is my 2nd favorite look. My main concern is power for SPS in this size tank. Next step up options are gonna be out of my price range. Thoughts?