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  1. DoctaReefer

    150w HL Bulb And 175w Electronic Ballast

    Thanks lol
  2. DoctaReefer

    150w HL Bulb And 175w Electronic Ballast

    Well it didn't seem to flicker as much on my stock bulb. I did however get a brand new Giesmann bulb and took back all three of them because they flickered. My phoenix bulb didn't flicker as much if at all but the color looks washed out I wonder if its just the bulb, I have taken it out many times and I always make sure it's free of oily fingerprints. I just wonder if me taking it out so many times has contributed to it looking this way. There are a lot of cords around my ballast and connections, I wonder if it's possible it's getting electrical interference?
  3. I would wait to see what happens, if he is happy I wouldn't stress him out unless you have to
  4. DoctaReefer

    150w HL Bulb And 175w Electronic Ballast

    That's what I did, it must be a defective ballast does your CoralVue have a switch or fan on it? I ordered this one from my LFS and I saw the ones online that have the switch and fans i'm wondering if I have a old model
  5. DoctaReefer

    150w HL Bulb And 175w Electronic Ballast

    I also have the exact same bulb and it flickers now that I put it on a electronic ballast. How did you wire yours up? I soldered my connections then wrapped it in electrical tape. The bulb had been running on the stock magnetic ballast so I wonder if it messed up it I had it running on that ballast for about 3 1/2 months.
  6. Question, I have a Coralife HQI fixture that runs a 150w bulb. My new ballast is a Coral Vue 175W non-switchable. With everything I thought I knew about electricity tells me the bulb will only take what it needs, or am I wrong on that? I was justing wondering if that could be the problem with my bulb flickering and being washed out, it seems to have also washed out some of my Coraline.
  7. DoctaReefer

    Messing with lighting causing violent ph swings?!

    so does anyone have any idea's?
  8. DoctaReefer

    How Is The Price Determined?

    Quit #####ing, it cost a damn arm and leg to run a legit LFS.
  9. So I have a BC29 HQI, I recently changed the magnetic ballast over to a Coral-Vue electronic ballast and bought the Giesemann megachrome bulb ( I have an earlier post about it) We were experiencing problems with the new bulbs dimming and intensifying almost like a long wave flicker. We exchanged and tried two other bulbs before we came to the assumption that either the ballast is faulty, the ####ty coralife fixture does not mesh well with a an electronic ballast, or Giesemanns kind of suck in general, either way we have some problems now. NONE of the corals look happy, lost a fang blenny last night and the two clowns aren't looking so hot. My lfs buddy came by and tested the basic params and all was well except for PH, it was at about 7.7 in the middle of the day. He said that the clowns scales and skin looked agitated or milky and possibly accredited it to the low (acidic) PH. On top of all the lighting issues, my Jager heater was malfunctioning and raised the temps to 85+. (I hate German over -engineering) So basically on top of the stress from swinging PH, the temp was god knows how high for a while as well. I am basically wondering if changing the lighting that many times in a short period of time would really affect the PH that much, and IF that could actually kill fish in such a short period of time. We are moving most of my corals that can be moved to a healthy tank to save them, but unfortunately we cant take the clowns because the other tank already has a one in it, and he is a jerk. Please anyone with knowledge on the subject of lighting changes causing detrimental PH problems shoot me a Ya or Na if you concur that it could be the source of my problems.
  10. Ok I was hoping someone on this site could help me out with this problem. I recently purchased a Giesemann Mega Chrome 150W Double ended HL bulb brand new and put it in my fixture. When I turned it on and let it warm up and the color is fine but I noticed the bulb doesn't stop flickering, I then took the bulb back to the store two days later to replace it and I get the same results. I was wondering if this could be a ballast problem as I have just recently upgraded from a magnetic to an electronic ballast. This new ballast is a off brand and I did wire it myself it was very easy. I'm just very confused because When I use my old Phoenix halide bulb it works fine no flickering and the same with my stock bulb. Has anyone here had a similar problem with these types of bulbs, or should I be looking to send my ballast back?
  11. DoctaReefer

    How to remove stock biocube pump

    One of my Clownfish did the exact same thing in my BC 14 I just took a dixie cup bent it and fished it out lol. You shouldn't have any problems pulling the pump out, just do what that one guy said a couple post's up if you have a BC 29 I would get a MaxiJet 1200 that's what I have at it works great.
  12. DoctaReefer

    New Ricordea

    new ricordea I got a couple days ago
  13. DoctaReefer

    crazy purple

    just thought this picture looked cool
  14. DoctaReefer

    Ya, another BC29

    what kind of filtration do you have?