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  1. FS: 20" Sunpod

    is this still for sale?
  2. FS: 20" 150W Sunpod

    Hey Idk if you're taking offers but I have $150. Let me know.
  3. FTS 2009-10-13

  4. New Acans

    Very nice! I can't wait to put some in my tank
  5. hello everyone

    STUDY STUDY and STUDY! oh and
  6. "Todd's Torch"

  7. KG1026's NC 24

    New addition Pipe Organ
  8. fts 9-24

  9. 40 Gal. Breeder

    nice scaping
  10. Noob Question?

    Ya I have it.. its a good starter tank. Though If I had the chance to go back in time I would have bought the 22 CAD T5 Lighting > JBJ PC Lighting
  11. Clown

    Bery nice
  12. SAFETY of Zoanthids

  13. WTB Sapphire Aquatics NC12 Protein Skimmer

    why don't you just buy it from the website?
  14. Solana refugium lighting ideas?

    I bought that one.. I'm not liking it. The cord gets annoying and its not bright enough to light my whole ball of cheato. I'm thinking of buying the nano-glo