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  1. doctaq

    leds on different sized boards?

    reviving this? any chance of leds on custom sized boards yet? also is there any chance of getting xr-e in R2-(will take on any sized board) or xp-c in Q4?-(small sized board only)
  2. doctaq

    120w LED light on Amazon?

    it probably puts out a decent amount of light its just a matter of lasting a long time
  3. doctaq

    TrueLumen LED Padlite, anyone use this?

    i have seen it work with 3 strips on a 2-3 gallon tank
  4. doctaq

    Trying to understand the buck puck

    how are you running 12 leds off of a 24v power supply? two strings in parallel? anyways if you use the power supply without a regulator such as a buckpuck there are two problems you may encounter 1 is the leds drawing too much power, this can happen over time as the leds heat up and thier VF drops, making them draw more power (current in ma) for the same voltage the power supply could also put out a range of voltage depending on the quality 2 is cooking your power supply, the 1500ma rating is the maximum rating for the power supply, not the current that it puts out, combined with problem 1, if the leds start drawing enough power the supply could start to run over its limit that being said bad things dont always happen, your array may run fine without the buckpuck if you simply put a resistor in series to drop the voltage down to the perfect level for your array to run. at least you need a resistor or another led because 24v directly may cook your leds since 4v per led may put you over 1500ma, 7 leds in series would put the voltage at 3.4v which puts you in the 4-500ma range
  5. doctaq

    Two Mean Well Drivers, One Cord?

    you could go with some heavy duty appliance cord they sell at home depot to be absolutely sure i think its called appliance replacement cord or something, it comes pre stripped and pre tinned
  6. doctaq

    Attaching fan to heatsink?

    its important for it to be tight or else it will rattle
  7. doctaq

    CREE XRE-RB on Star replacement LED's

    honestly at high currents the xr-e at the same bin puts out more light because the package of the xp-e is smaller and has worse heat transfer, originally the max current for the xp-e was only 700ma
  8. doctaq

    CREE XRE-RB on Star replacement LED's

    if you need the xr-e because of optics, http://reefledlights.com/shop/cree-xr-e-ro...3w-led-on-star/ otherwise the xp-e is a bit more effecient why do the two need to be replaced?
  9. doctaq

    china 20watts leds

    part of the problem is that bridgelux sells thier dies to chinese companies which repackage them, sometimes not very well. bridgelux emitters tend to only come in 5-10w minimum
  10. doctaq

    DIY LED Drivers

    how would you use an FR4 to mount the leds? would they have filled vias under the leds?
  11. doctaq

    Epic Fail

    note for the future, when your jug is filled with salt water, shake it real quick and note how long it takes the bubbles to disperse, then try again when its filled with fresh, next time you'll be able to tell in a second
  12. doctaq

    Are these actually Bridgelux LEDs or a fake?

    also the die could be bridgelux but the package sureley isnt ive experimented with those little chinese leds a bit, ive found that the underside is neutral so you can bend the legs up a bit and glue/epoxy directly to your heatsink, saves you a little money sometimes as well as better thermal performance
  13. doctaq

    LED string flickering

    if you were using a buckpuck, when you removed the pot, it would have told you if that was the problem or not
  14. doctaq


    without the fan it doesnt matter if your leds ran at 500ma, they still would have burned out the extra 50ma didnt fry them it does sound tough what you went through but your post belongs in vendor experiences
  15. doctaq

    Need a little LED help...

    i dont think either of those have a heatsink that will fit into your hood