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  1. It allows you to maintain the salinity within a much more stable range. The benefit of this is a much more stable tank.
  2. I ordered the Hello lights 28/32w "true" actinic, or whatever they are calling it, last time I replaced bulbs. It has a more purple color to it rather than the blue of a "regular" actinic. It reminds me of the URI VHO Actinics in terms of color. I haven't seen both side by side but I've had a tank with the URI's for comparison. Hope that helps.
  3. I've got a 70w HQI Ushio and a 28w Actininc. For Sps I have porities, stylophora, and acrophora(but it's the bali green slimer you excluded) and all of them are growing and doing well. Sorry if the species spelling is off, but I thought you'd like some details of what sps people are keeping.
  4. Amy, I saw what looks like your crab in The Modern Reef Aquarium Vol. 1, pg 184. It shows a top down shot with the same claw shape and another slightly larger crab that has a translucent red/orange legs and eyes and lavander looking body shell. It goes on to say, "Many of the most beautiful and most colourful crustaceans belong to the family of the coral crabs, Xanthidae. The two crabs to the left (the one with the picture that looks like your crab) were introduced into the aquarium with stony corals of the family pocilloporidae. Many coral crabs have specialized on feeding on coral slime. We have not found these to be harmful to their host at all, and we recommend them to be left in the corals..." If you don't have this book, they used to have a decent library at Salt Water City, before the move. If they are unpacked, I'm sure they have it. So there you have it! Reef Safe Arrr :pirate: hehe.
  5. That's a big difference, between the two. Do you have a reference solution so that you can calibrate?
  6. Green Star Polyps, Zooanthid, Kenya Tree, Sinularia, Toadstool (Sarcophyton), Green Finger Leather, Devil's Hand, Xenia. If you go with softies, you won't need to worry about avoiding a LPS with sweeper tenticles. Plus that would give you some branching and color choices as well as encrusting.
  7. Take a look at the conditions that they cure it under. If they have a huge stock tub full of rock and a little skimmer, and you notice that the same rock has been in there for a long time, you won't get much life off of it. If the store is doing a good job you'll really see the difference when you put it in your tank. It's worth getting high quality since it will make a big difference in the diversity in your tank. You could cure it yourself in a 5 gallon bucket or two, depending on the size of your tank.
  8. 12 hours 28w PC Actinic 10 hours 70w 10k HQI (7g AGA Bowfront)
  9. Depending on your set up, you might want to run a small fan across the surface of the water, or improve the existing fan into the hood to exhaust out the heat created by the lights. If you run a fan over the water surface, you'll have a higher rate of evaporation, so you might want to check into some sort of top off device. A cheap and easy alternative would be to figure out how much evaporates in a day, then put half that amount in morning and evening, to reduce the salinity fluctuation of topping off all at once. IMO, 84 is too high, try to bring the temp to 80. I doubt there are any studies on exactly your tank with exactly your conditions, but it would be a good idea to remove this ongoing stress from the tank environment. If I had to guess without enough information, the most likely problems will be micro algae growth, lack of coral growth, poor coral coloration. Why?- Environmental stress.
  10. Also, be sure to note the discounts you get at local shops, you can come out ahead over the course of the year and support a local club and local stores all at the same time. BTW, if you're shopping at Blue Sierra, don't forget to get your "Lucky 13" club card.
  11. To mix things up a little more, I'd add that wattage is not lighting intensity. So adding additional lights (Like PC bulbs) might bring a marginal gain to a point, it won't become a higher intensity light like MH. Also, the watts/gallon guideline isn't appropriate to smaller tanks.
  12. I'd say you can eyeball it. First, I'd suggest changing out 2 gallons of the water. If you haven't changed any out before, I'd suggest waiting a week and then changing out another 2 gallons before you go out and purchase your clean up crew. You will definately want to have your Salinity dialed in, just want to be clear on that. What are you doing about evaporation? If you can add an auto top off that's ideal, but otherwise I'd suggest adding a bit of makeup water in the morning and the evening so that your salinity doesn't fluctuate too much. One of the unknowns in this is how much die off actually occurred. If the water is brown when you look through your tank the long way, you might want to change out some water and then wait a week for everything to settle down. What are you going to add for clean up? #1 - No fish yet. I'd suggest starting with 3 Astreas and then consider an emerald crab. Some people have horror stories but, I've found them to be great for algae duty without knocking stuff over or picking at the wrong things. For hermits, I'd suggest at least one scarlet, no more than two. They will sift a little on the surface of your substrate and they are farther on the herbavore side of things than some of the other crabs. It's the one with the gold colored eye stalks and all red body, not the one with the red tipped brownish legs. Zebra hermits are pretty industrious too. If you're getting them at the LFS you could get one each and reevaluate in a few weeks if you need more. Be sure to get a handful of shells, so they can change them out. Usually you'll get some if you ask when you get your hermits. Don't forget that this is just the end of the Amonia/Nitrite/Nitrate cycle, and there is now a long "cycle" where algae will take off and then eventually be replaced by coraline. It's pretty common for people to "rush" things and have algae problems that they have to fight for longer than it would have taken their tank to settle down if they were patient. Hope that helps.
  13. What brand of test kit are you using? Does it come with a reference test vial? You might want to first verify that your test is accurate if you have this.
  14. Moved to the eastside, Bellevue, about a year and a half ago.
  15. Well, thanks for trying your best!