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  1. glass cleaning on super-picos

    I use a toothbrush as well. Full size with a square head. Onto the back side I used super glue gel (the same as for frags) to glue a small square of scotchbrite scouring pad. This seems to work even better than the bristle side. Important to note, I have a glass tank. Scotchbrite is not for acrylic.
  2. Brent's Pico

    It's an interesting project. The only suggestion would be to try to find some way to hide the powerhead. Could you do an arch and have the powerhead hidden within the top of the arch? If you had a rock saw you could make a live rock veneer for the front of the powerhead as another idea. Where's the heater? I didn't see it in the photos.
  3. An interesting sps question? or not

    The corals that have a natural mechanism for dealing with this would have a response, but I don't think it would be beneficial for a couple of reasons. For example, if you had an acropora, I'm not sure the exact scientific name, but it's fish store name is bali green slimer acro. It will produce a large amount of viscous material like thick clear snot. You'd be stressing the coral by the situation to produce this, and also depleting its reserves, by making it produce this substance. Then you'd have the issue of having this waste product in your tank, which is a small closed system. The second issue would be the effect on corals that don't have this mechanism. From my first hand experience, air exposure will kill off the new growth areas of some corals. This doesn't seem like a good result either. In this case the example I have seen this on was Montipora Digitata. I think if you had many similar samples, you would know which was hardiest by killing off the ones that were not with this kind of stress. This doesn't seem to take into account long term acclimation of corals and what makes a coral thrive over time though. It might help you find which coral to cultivate if you wanted to propagate a coral that shipped well though. This isn't "science" but I thought I'd just report my first hand observations and what my thoughts were on it.
  4. RobD's 1.5g Pico

    I ended up gluing some on, as you suggested. I was able to swap out the substrate more easily than expected, and I glued up some of the small frags onto the rock at the same time. Everything is still pretty cloudy and not opened up yet, but it looks much better. The big secret on it being so easy to change substrate was, I bought an extra tank when they were closing them out for $6. So I could rinse out the substrate, put it in the new tank. Pull the rock out, and glue on some more frags, then transfer water from the old tank till it was full. Not too hard to transfer the livestock at that point. I ended up using a 200ml liquid measure worth of substrate, I think that's around 3/4 of a cup to a cup. It's CaribSea SeaFlor Special Grade. Here's the pics I took right after.
  5. RobD's 1.5g Pico

    Here's a couple of current shots. The tank looks a little washed out in the photos. It's not quite that bad, but I do need to increase the dosing on suplements, since I'm getting a little coraline loss. The montipora is growing very well, and the Capricornis is starting to get a bit of a green sheen over it. Strangely the Purple Tip is growing a lot more vigorously than the Orange Montipora Digita. I've got a bag of sand, and plan to swap out the crushed coral, but I'm running out of weekend to do it. Yesterday I added a blue line pipefish, but it's still shy. It came out after the lights went off last night and did a good survey of the tank, so I hope within the next week it will get settled in. I completed the new sump and fresh water top off tank, but haven't finished the plumbing part of it. That should give me a over a weeks worth of top off water, so I can take off during the summer. Here's the update pictures.
  6. 1.5g Pico Day one setup

    I used a skimmer on the live rock, when it was curing in a 5 gallon bucket. I had a single 28w PC light that I ran over it 6 hours a day, as well. I haven't used a skimmer on the tank itself. An auto top off uses a float switch to turn the power on and off to a pump that is in a fresh water reservoir. When the water pumps in, it raises the switch and the power to the pump goes off. It's really helpful to keep salinity stable. I had problems with my initial design, and am in the process of redoing it. I'll be sure to post pictures of it when it's up and running and working as expected. Yeah, you're right. It's looking even more ratty as time goes by. I've used other smaller heaters, and none of them are as stable as Ebo Jagger. I've never had an Ebo Jagger lose it's thermostat and come home to a 90+ degree tank either. I hear ya about smaller, but I don't want to trade off temperature stablility and risk of a meltdown. It's glass too! I used a piece of scotchbrite scrub pad and glued it to the back of a toothbrush head for my tool to clean algae off the glass. It's got beveled edges on the top too. Whoever posted about these tanks on sale originally, I owe a big thanks to.
  7. RobD's 1.5g Pico

    I've been thinking the same thing. When I set it up I wanted to try a 50/50 mix of refugium sand and crushed coral. I thought maybe it would make for a more varied substrate and not clump. I have a few more things that I already am working on redoing, like the sump, but I'm hoping to come back around to this as well. Anyone with suggestions on grain size and types of sand, or mixes of types?
  8. RobD's 1.5g Pico

    Here's an update. The tank has been running for about 3 months. (the photos were taken 2/20/2006) Sorry that the photos are not as clear as they could be, my camera doesn't have a great lens on it. I tried to get a shot of the montipora encrustation and the sexy shrimp as well as an overall tank shot.
  9. RobD's 1.5g Pico

    The tank has been up for about a month and I'm starting to get some encrusting of the GSP and Montipora (Digitata and Capricornis) onto the rock. I started this thread in another post, but the title wasn't right, and I couldn't figure out how to change it after the fact. Here's the Original Thread: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=73800 Anyway, here's an update picture from 1-15-2006 Edit 3/19/2006:March Updates are at the bottom of this thread.
  10. PiCo

    You should be able to post them directly, by using the "File Attachments" section below where you type in a post. Just "Browse.." select the jpg, then click "Add This Attachment". It would be helpful if you reduced the pictures down to around 1280x1024, which is the middle size screen resolution now. (I'm sure this last comment is arguable, wow, imagine that here on the internet )
  11. PiCo

    Sounds nice If you get a chance would you mind posting a picture?
  12. [CUSTOM] Ann

    I agree with everybody, you're doing a great job on the photography. I like the vertical composition to your rock layout. Did you do anything to secure the rocks together? You may have already answered and I skimmed past it while I was looking at the photos.
  13. Starting a 2.5 gallon

    How's the temperature stability? Any way to raise the fixture up, and go open top? Looks nice though, the scale of everything seems right. As far as the clown goby, I'd wait and try to establish a good habitat for one first. BTW, after brown algae, green and hair algae If you don't have anything you need to feed, you can keep the nutrients under control and wipe it out.
  14. True 2.5g DIY acrylic tank

    Nice work. Looks good. Have you filled it up and hooked up a pump? I'm curious what pump and how the circulation turned out.
  15. 1.5g Pico Day one setup

    Ah! The weekend. I had a chance to get some frags in the tank, and here's what it looks like. Here's a couple of "behind the scenes" shots. The mount for the float switch and the plumbing to pump water out of the fresh water topoff tank is removed right now.