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  1. WOOOOOHOOO!!!! I went to feed the tank today before I did my water change..... LOOK WHO DECIDED TO SAY HI! I thought she was a goner! almost two months MIA. shes a little emaciated, but her fins and tail are in good shape. she just ate like a pig! theyre also paired up! i will be trying to get the perfect photo of them and the shrimp in their cave!
  2. i was able to get a different strain from a local reefer. you just dont see the fern here.
  3. Too bad you can't send it to cali
  4. Both yashas are now missing. =/ also, i decide to treat my tank with chemiclean. I could not get my cyano in check. =/ hopefully i wake up on saturday to a clean tank and two yashas side by side =]
  5. woo just found a nice doe for my BUCK yasha ;] anyone have experience with pairing two yashas?
  6. same here, im starting to wonder what hes tasting at night when he wouldve otherwise been chomping on aiptasia.......
  7. all the symbiotic relationships! its the main focus of my cadlights 34: nems and clowns nems and sexy shrimp yasha goby and pistol shrimp!
  8. cycle for 1.5 months. any water changes; match the SG and temp before you put it in.
  9. i had a dwarf zebra in my 20L......he started hunting his other tankmate.
  11. looks bleached.
  12. wow, my local petco has had the1 per gal thing going since mid november. i picked up a nice 20l to make into a breeder/qt setup!
  13. i think its those bio bricks
  14. We currently live in san bernandino county. =/
  15. the guys at my local petco are on top of the maintenance. they're also very knowledgeable on SW fish, not like most of the negative posts about petco.