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  1. 65 gal Rimless Shallow 6 foot Build

    Awesome build! Tagging along.
  2. Intense salt creep in sump.

    I'm going to order a filter sock similar to the one you just explained and try that out. I appreciate your advice!
  3. Intense salt creep in sump.

    I have a valve on my return pump. However, I don't want to sacrifice flow for less salt creep. Even if I pump less water via smaller pump or half pinched valve, the water is still going to gain quite a bit of speed in the drop from the display tank to the sump which will leave me with quite a few bubbles still. I may have a little less salt creep but I'm hoping this is not my only true option. If all else fails. I may have to resort to this though. Thanks for the suggestion. EDIT: Just saw this post was meant to answer someone else's post. Sorry!
  4. Intense salt creep in sump.

    I'm going to try two things. I'm going to put a sponge after the pvc outflow. to hopefully slow the bubbles and in effect stop my salt creep. After the sponge I am going to put a square of egg crate to place "pillow stuffing" on and catch excess detritus/food/waste/etc...I will post the outcome soon. Hopefully I will see some good results. Thanks everyone for the fast replies.
  5. Intense salt creep in sump.

    Makes perfect sense lol. Kind of rough but the refugium doesn't have to be pretty lol just has to work. I will try this.
  6. Intense salt creep in sump.

    No I'm not using a filter sock. I would like to get a filter sock rigged to the bottom of the pvc for catching excess food etc...Is there a good method of attaching the filter sock to the pvc that is easily removable? Just place the foam with the big holes directly under the pvc outflow? I understand this would probably work and is probably my best option. Just wondering if there were any other options I suppose.
  7. I have had this thirty five gallon tank up for quite sometime now. I get a lot of salt creep inside the cabinet and around the sump. It get on my power wires for my skimmer and my return pump. It gets on my refugium light. Its f***in everywhere. I haven't done much research into the issue but I have found that salt creep is caused by splashing/bubbles in the saltwater. My problem lies in the fact that I have like three and a half to four feet of drop in my overflow to my sump/refugium. There is no solid way to delete bubbles from my system due to the inconsistency of the water pressure flowing out of the overflow. The water just goes into the pipe and drops directly into the sump. The pipe is submerged about a quarter inch. There still is however a lot of bubbles from this. I have seen some suggestions for a sponge to be placed under the outflow of the overflow pipe. This would reduce some of the salt creep I suppose. I'm just wondering if there are any better ideas as to reducing the bubbles and splashing and in effect reducing this ridiculous amount of creep! Any suggestions would be great.
  8. Jeepdude's 30G

    More tank shots Brain and Zoas Interesting how one Zoa has colored up in the center while the others have somewhat bleached out. The one that has colored up must be a different type that can sustain a higher amount of light. I moved the entire colony to a lower spot in the tank to try and bring back some of the original color. Time will tell if this helps or not! Bubble coral is still showing signs of growth Updated FTS Hope you all like the pictures.
  9. Jeepdude's 30G

    Just another update on the 30g. Picked up a yellow watchman and a hawaiian feather duster. The yellow watchman has already found a hidey hole! I removed the clown and acclimated the yellow watchman. Once he found a good spot for hiding I put the clown back into the tank, and he has not shown any signs of aggression toward the watchman. Here are some pics Yellow Watchman Yellow Watchman and Clown Clown A yawn perhaps? Some updated tank shots. Crabs munching on a piece of brine shrimp New Feather Duster
  10. Shivers Contest Tank

    Looking good keep us posted with the diy's. Lots of pics! Good luck!
  11. Jeepdude's 30G

    Just an update. FTS Brain has colored up a bit. Bubble Coral Just a shot of the sump all working quite well. The zoas seem to have bleached out some due to the high placement and extreme output of the leds. I am going to try a lower placement soon as I am unable to dim the leds right now. Other than that the rest of the livestock seems to be thriving. Any input is great!
  12. Jeepdude's 30G

    Your cuc is just an awesome addition. Very well packaged and shipped. Thanks!
  13. Jeepdude's 30G

    Brain and Mushrooms Bubble Coral and Barnacle Cluster Brain Coral Barnacle Cluster Brain Mushrooms (Not Fully Opened) Clown 5/11/2010 FTS I need some livestock suggestions. Iwould like to get some kind of goby maybe and also I want a torch or frogspawn. Also am definitely wanting a bumblebee shrimp. Thanks in advance for any ideas! Hope you guys like the pictures!
  14. Jeepdude's 30G

    Finally here is the BIG update This is what beginning of the battle looked like! This is the first day I introduced the Reef Cleaners CUC Some adventurous Snails. This happened about the third day. Every once in a while another one will pop out but they go back. Weird. Tank and Stand today Green Star Polyp Zoas Zoas and Green Strap Polyps
  15. Jeepdude's 30G

    Well its finally getting under control. Thanks to John at Reef cleaners awesome cuc addition! I added the chaeto John sent me and the cuc and also did some manual removal and it seems to be getting under control. Will post some pictures later. Pretty soon going to start adding some livestock.