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  7. I never saw the eggs only the larva. The fish are so small they can get into every nook and cranny. They lived literally inside my live rock as if the tiny tunnels were a vast cave network. They laid inside the rock near the sand. I only assume cause I vaguely remember seeing fry come out from there. Did you ever see larva? What else is in the tank? I would love to see someone get these to settle. If I had another pair, I would isolate them in a breeder with a single piece of LR, some sand, and some macro algae. I would feed the pair heavy twice a day. Just be careful to not soil the water. I would also try to feed the fry rotifers first as apposed to trying the more difficult copepods. Unfortunately, I lost one of the fish shortly after due to ich, I think. Whats on this thread is really all the info I got for you. I got them to breed every month or two but I know they would breed more with proper feeding and water quality. Also, I would not remove the eggs unless you were able to breed frequently and have enough to experiment as it can kill the eggs from air exposure or rough handling. The main reason for doing so is to prevent predatorization or to more easily control parameters. Please let me know if you make any discoveries or start a log thread. I would love to follow along and help any way I can.
  8. land shark

    Surface Jelly?

    Not sure if it's significant but peroxide makes it bubble but it doesn't really break down, at least not yet. I did some much needed maintenance on the tank. Cleaned my return which increased my flow a lot. It has been getting pretty slow from lack of messing with it. Mostly because It is upsetting that it is doing poorly. I got rid of a lot of detritus too. I also decided to reduce the whites. We will see how that goes.
  9. land shark

    Surface Jelly?

    Sorry for the late reply but that coral is dead now. It literally started rtn the day after. I cut it up but it didn't help. That was the only coral with those and it is out of the tank now. I only have 3 astrea and a hermit plus coral. Update: I still have the jelly, it comes back fast. Still losing coral. Still dipping for nudis to no avail. I don't know about this tank now. If anyone here has a good microscope and knows what they are looking at I'd send them a sample if interested. I got plenty of the stuff
  10. land shark

    Surface Jelly?

    On the bottom right of the acro frag. Is the pic not viewable? Edit: well I just cut that frag to pieces cause it was rtning and had some of the jelly on it. It was doing so well spheres and all? I keep losing acros to this stuff. That's the third one... I hope one of the three pieces lives. I am tired of seeing skeletons. This tank may end up being lps and softies between this jelly and the nudis. At least it has only been the cheap frags so far. I hope my high ends will be ok.
  11. land shark

    Surface Jelly?

    Hard to say at this point. I know it has slowed down. It's too early to say if rinsing the kalk residue is helping but I think it is. I also have to deal with montipora eating nudis that I thought I got rid of but they are back. I have also noticed some clear orbs but they are unrelated I'm sure. The tank is in need of some tlc right now that I have been putting off.
  12. land shark

    Surface Jelly?

    Spoke too soon, it's still there. I'm hoping rinsing the ato will fix it.
  13. land shark

    Surface Jelly?

    I haven't rinsed my kalk/topoff container since I started the tank. I just add more rodi and kalk. So it could very well be something like that. I'll give it a shot when my top off runs out again and post the results here. Thanks Ray Actually I just checked on it, it may have vanished as mysteriously as it showed up. After I removed it this time it seems to not be coming back, at least not yet. Maybe I will fill the top off as normal before I try rinsing to see if it's just gone. Could be one of those remove it enough and it's gone kind of thing. Weird...
  14. land shark

    Surface Jelly?

    About 4 months or so. Newish still. Yeah I am the same way as your friend. Dry rock plus seed bacteria and I dip everything in bayer including my chaeto. Couldn't dip the crab or snails though. I even remove the plugs and scrape the the edges of coral with a butter knife. I still get hitchhikers anyway. I don't mind good guys. Tried to kill the flatworms unsuccessfully. Luckily I think they are not harmful ones. It always amazes me how things get through and can lie dormant and all of a sudden bloom. Crazy really. Interesting that your friend had something similar. Only thing is this stuff is only on the surface like a layer of it. If I had a QT I would be less strict about it.
  15. land shark

    Surface Jelly?

    I've removed it three times now with a turkey baster. The baster can barely suck it up lol. I lost a couple of sps when it got on them. When I fed my sun coral I pushed some into the water column by accident and it stuck to some sps frags. One did have stn already though. I used flatworm rx a while back and it killed one acro and stressed the rest of my sps. Worst part is the flatworms were fine. I don't think the jelly has anything to do with the rx ( I did two %60 changes after and a few more since). The tank is too small, 5g, for a skimmer and I barely feed at all. Just the sun coral every three days. Plus I have a big fuge(relatively at least) that takes most of the excess nutrients. I might try to squeeze a small bag of gac somewhere. I am very hesitant to using any pesticides after the rx issue. I just feel like it is not good for picos. I think for now I will just remove it as it builds up. My biggest worry is it clogging my overflow when I am not around and causing a flood. Most of my coral seems fine. Wish I had a microscope to look at this stuff. I don't know much on bacteria and I can't say it is or isn't. I haven't seen bacteria like it though. It wouldn't surprise me if it was some kind of micro organism. Has anyone had astraeas mate? I am still questioning if it is from them.