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  1. what are the orange ones in the center? not the utters
  2. sucks dude your store got so pinned on those ORA frags. we get ours 4 times as large.
  3. why spend a bunch of money on a wrasse when i can get myself a 3 dollar molly!
  4. take them out and remount them using 1/4 the amount of epoxy. what i do is roll up an epoxy the size of a marble. put glue on the top and place the coral on it, and at the bottom i add more glue and then i stick it in my tank and onto the rock i want it on. never had a problem. a bit of glue and epoxy really goes a long way. it looks a bit bad right now with all the epoxy, but once everything grows it should all be covered and non noticeable
  5. awesomeness
  6. ^ it's just you... lol jk i see a face of an old man
  7. a credit card works great
  8. green people eaters red people eaters
  9. nice- how long have u had it for
  10. thats so bad ass
  11. ^^ WEAK!
  12. never wouldve thought of doing that. lol
  13. beauuuuuuuuuuuuuutful corals
  14. nice job!
  15. i want a pico everytime i look at this tank. lol