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  1. A new roommate had a scale so I was finally able to weight it. It's 11#'s of good quality rock, though it would probably need a pretty heavy cycle at this point. $25. Sorry about disappearing, work gets in the way of other things far to often at this point.
  2. Bump, prices dropped. Still taking offers.
  3. A couple of items have sold. Feel free to make offers on the lights and MP20
  4. I disappeared for a bit there, so you'll have to excuse me if I didn't respond to any PM's. The posting has been updated. Reasonable offers will be considered.
  5. You're right, fixed. The overflow, long scrapper, and frag rack are sold. Everything else is still up for grabs.
  6. Sorry to everyone who messaged me earlier and I wasn't able to get back to. Things got very hectic and I pushed this to the back burner. I am a little more free now though and should be able to answer questions. Prices have been adjusted and pictures added.
  7. I decided to break down my tank recently and will be selling off the last of my equipment. Please feel free to make an offer. Prices do not include shipping. It may take a day or two to respond to things/ship items out. I have very a very odd work schedule. $70 and $60 - LED PAR38 bulbs. The left one is a full spectrum bulb from LEDtric. it is a great quality bulb and grew SPS with ease. It has a nice balanced color to it, close to a 12-14K. The one on the right is an ecoxotic 14K bulb with 3W cree LEDs, 2 white and 3 royal blue. It is a bit closer to a 20K bulb. All of the LEDs work on both bulbs. $20 - Aquaclear 70 filter. Only issue is that the media basket is broken. This could be repaired with super glue. $25 - 11#'s Very nice porous dry rock. Not sure how to best ship this though.
  8. So, after an incident where I lost about half of the water in my tank and because I will be returning to school here at the beginning of the year I have decided to break down my tank once and for all. I am looking to sell these locally due to cost of shipping. Pictures are mainly only for size. I couldn't ever really get the colors right anyways, but there are much better (though less current pictures) in my tank thread. Please note, this tank has had a fairly severe algae problem, flatworms, and aiptasia. I will be selling at what I assume is a good price to have to deal with these issues. If you would like to make an offer please feel free. I will be happy to discuss prices with you, especially if you are willing to buy a decent amount. 5.5" orange torch coral. - $80 Originally from cherry corals This is about the only one that I will price this high. It was the highlight of my tank and it's grown from a very small frag. It's healthy and very hearty. http://s900.photobucket.com/user/pyrocreep/media/IMG_1521.jpg.html'> Green and purple hammer coral - 8-9 heads. - $20 Healthier than pictured, it had be knocked down. http://s900.photobucket.com/user/pyrocreep/media/IMG_1522.jpg.html'> Neon green hammer - 4-5 heads - 15 http://s900.photobucket.com/user/pyrocreep/media/IMG_1523.jpg.html'> Another small euphyllia Honestly I can't remember if it's a hammer or torch - 3 heads - $10 http://s900.photobucket.com/user/pyrocreep/media/IMG_1523.jpg.html'> Duncan - 6 heads several babies - $15 http://s900.photobucket.com/user/pyrocreep/media/IMG_1525.jpg.html'> There are also several zoa's and paly's in the tank. I have lost a lot of them recently so I can't say exactly what is still in there, there should be a few red/green people eaters, some really nice orange palys (no name that I know of), same with some pink palys, and other odds and ends. I can't really say for sure what anything might be worth, but if you're interested I would say $5-10 for any of them. There is also a 5 polyp frag of candy apple reds. Beyond corals there are also two pincushion urchins. They're hardy and great at algae control...even though my tank doesn't show it. $20/each. The one is a gorgeous red and a bit smaller than a 50 cent piece. The second is about 2-2.5" and a deep blue. http://s900.photobucket.com/user/pyrocreep/media/IMG_1527.jpg.html'> Again I am looking to sell this locally. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or offers. Thanks.
  9. 29gFOWLR&NC12REEF

    I keep seeing an ORA bottle brush at my LFS too. I've been really tempted a few times, but even though SPS is growing well in my tank so far I'm not willing to take the risk on a 60-70 buck frag atm. That being said, I'd probably try a different SPS, like a birdsnest first. You can probably find that a whole lot cheaper to start.
  10. duncan coral question.

    Everybody poops. Ok, glad I got to say that before someone else got to it, but yeap, any coral in your tank is going to do that, especially the ones that can take in larger meaty foods.
  11. The reborn starphire pico.

    Equipment 7x7x8 AquaPro Starphire pico (Roughly 1G, 1.3G if you include the AC20) Ecoxotic 20K PAR38 bulb in standard lamp AC20 HOB - unmodded Hydro 50W heater Scape 1.5# Live Rock CUC N/A Livestock N/A Corals N/A So, I bought this tank a little over a year ago and set it up with a mixed result. It was neglected on and off for most of the time that it was setup and pretty much nothing ever grew in it, but just sort of survived. The whole story can be seen here: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=266470 However, over the last two weeks I broke down the tank and have put new rock in and cycled it. It's ready to go now, but I'm not sure when anything will be placed into the tank. Soon though I suppose. I just need to decide what's going to go into it. Anyways, the tank. Front Left Right The general idea will be to keep it simple with only a few various corals being put into the tank. I'm thinking 4-10, with 10 being on the very steep side. I want to try and let things grow out and fill the tank without being to cluttered or with 50 frags everywhere. Also yes, I know how ironic it is to try this in a pico.