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  1. Viewpoints - A Photographic Journal of my Reef Tank

    WOW! The tank has come along way! Haven't taken a look in months. Looks spectacular...as I expected it would. Very natural look to it. Nice work Urbaneks. -Brad
  2. February 2013 Featured Reef - Jacobnano's 15 Gallon Biotope

    Grats on another TOTM Jacob!
  3. Out of Hobby Sale ADA 60-F

    Damn Ryan. Wish that tank was a little bigger I'd take it off your hands. I've been itching to start up another tank but I don't want to have to move it.... GLWS bro
  4. The 29g Mixed Reef is No More..

    Thanks Stef, it's much appreciated.
  5. December 2012 Featured Reef - metrokat

    Kat, The new layout of your tank looks absolutely fantastic. Congrats on the well deserved TOTM. Take care, -Brad
  6. The 29g Mixed Reef is No More..

    Thanks guys. When I do start up another, I'll be sure to make a thread...although I don't forsee it falling into the nano category
  7. The 29g Mixed Reef is No More..

    Been away for awhile. Just thought I'd stop by to properly conclude the thread.... The tank is no more. I lost EVERYTHING in the move. I had work the following day after I arrived in Las Vegas and didn't have time to do a waterchange or proper maintenance. The tank crashed while I was out. I'll be taking an extended break from reefkeeping until I can actually buy a house. Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about moving your tank too.
  8. That actually looks very accessible. Try something like Aiptasia x or Joe's Juice.
  9. The 29g Mixed Reef is No More..

    Time to break this baby down and move it from Sacramento to Las Vegas. I think I'll be selling everything off....that is if the colonies make it alive and in one piece...
  10. Cool random as hell fact...

    Cool story, bro?
  11. Clownfish - Swollen Eye

  12. Tank break down sale..ipad 2 trade!

    I'd like to know as well.
  13. Ebay Light

    Go with the recommendations that you see here and elsewhere on the site. You're not onto something special or secretive. There's a reason these cheapy lights aren't found on our tanks, and it's not because we enjoy spending more money than we have too.
  14. HalfPint's 40 Breeder

    That wave in your video--is that how you run your MP10s 24/7? BLeh. I need a new mouse. It keeps double-clicking things with one press of the button