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  1. plus 1
  2. Very nice
  3. Well if you have seen our thread we have.
  4. Ooo ahhh lol
  5. http://www.fishnflush.com/iq_fnf/
  6. This is a unique hermit crab that makes a house out of the staghorned hydrocoral (Janaria mirabilis). The hydrocoral has chemically eroded away the original gastropod shell. The hermit crab uses its chela, or claw, to seal the entrance of this "shell." The large crown-like branches of the staghorn coral Janaria grow in such a way that if the hermit crab is turned upside down, it may not be able to turn right side up again - http://www.oceanoasis.org/fieldguide/manu-var.html
  7. LOL, yeah its funny as heck to watch.
  8. Staghorn Hermit Crab
  9. sleepy clowns
  10. My firefish and two clowns. They Pair all together and even sleep together in the same cave.