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  1. Has anyone ordered from http://www.saltcritters.com before? Like them?
  2. pulsating xeina

    Looking to buy some frags of pulsating xeina and have it shipped to Denver Colorado -80218. PM me with price! Happy reefing all!
  3. Urchin/slug/fern/.....

    You are talking about the bristle worm correct? The pinkish worm? Good part of your CUC
  4. what is this?

  5. Looks like a nest...

    If you do not like the look of it pop it out. They maybe eating it because it could be dead or dying.
  6. Crab ID?

    Take it to the LFS or toss it. he will start munching on $$$ things then you will squish his little head. Save your self the pain of watching corals get eaten.
  7. Macro or Soft Coral? 2

    plus 1
  8. Looks like a nest...

    My money is on a sponge
  9. Coral ID

    +1 pretty piece
  10. flasher

    Very nice
  11. WTB Mantis

    Due to a tragic rock slide in my tank today I no longer have a mantis. I am looking to nab another one from a member on here. If you have a hitch hiker on the colorful side let me know.
  12. Please Help ID - Sponge?

    Looks like a turnicate
  13. Open Brain?

  14. Green feather ended thing

    I removed it from my tank because it is a weed and will take over. If you watch it, can be pretty but IMO dump it.