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    Marine Aquariums, Reefing. Photography. I would be lying if i didnt say video games as well. Baseball is my sport of choice. I also enjoy golf and disc golf.
  1. Selling my barely used 400W Hamilton Cayman Sun HQI pendant and ballast. I have a Craigslist ad up for it but I'd rather someone here get it. Tired of idiots asking me if it will grow "tomatoes" and offering 50$ for it lol. I have the box, the instructions, the mounting pin, ballast, everything it comes with. I used it very lightly (pun intended) and the bulb I doubt is even fully burned in. It was gonna be my SPS frag bay light but I ended up taking that down. It wants to grow some nice SPS, it's just been packed away in the closet patiently waiting. It comes with a South Pacific Lighting 400w HQI 15k bulb. asking 200$ obo
  2. Does anyone use MH anymore?

    Make an offer. I need to pay for NCLEX exam
  3. Does anyone use MH anymore?

    I'm selling a badass one on Craigslist you're local to DFW TX. http://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/for/5813395491.html
  4. A bit stumped and local reef store stumped too

    Anytime you start a tank and break it down and move it whether it be ten feet or a hundred miles, you run the risk of bacteria die off/ propagation bloom. When you do it on such a young tank, cycled from another or started fresh, I feel the risk of something happening like that goes way up.
  5. 14 gal biocube

    Twas the tank I started with. Had many in between, it's the only one I still have setup.
  6. Anyone in dfw area interested in a VERY gently used fixture? It has never lit an aquarium, only used briefly to light up an empty display tank at the retail store I used to work at. It probably needs new bulbs but I only want 80$ for it. It's in the box, with the plastic and instructions, legs,etc. It has everything it came with.
  7. Topless 20k Halide BC14 Now With Reefbrite Actinics!

    Yeah I kind of just let it go after changing careers and buying a new house. Lost ALL sps, lost, my ricordeas, frogspawn, zoas, almost everything. But I just put a new bulb on it, reworked the rock, added more sand, put a reef cleaner pack from John in there, and stole a very expensive nuke green sinularia from my buddies big tank that we just recently moved. (He don't mind)
  8. New 14 gallon coralife biocube

    Pro life as in not going to remove traditionally "unwanted hitchhikers"?
  9. Topless 20k Halide BC14 Now With Reefbrite Actinics!

    Well I started the tank back again after a long hiatus. More to come.
  10. help please!

    You test for copper?
  11. frag tank for sale in DFW

    yeah it's just sitting there...not being a frag tank atm. the lights are just hanging there...not lighting anything. the rock is just living there...not denitrifying anything.
  12. frag tank for sale in DFW

    Still available dudes, make an offer.
  13. What "grinds your gears"

    I dont mind color correction at all, as long as the corrections being made are honest when it comes to selling. Like right now, my green Spongodes isnt very green because it's getting shadowed by a bunch of sps. But I could easily take a picture of it and MAKE it green. I mean it's SUPPOSED to be green, but I would feel like a liar if I posted a pic of it with corrected levels of green, when it's my fault it's not as green as it should be.
  14. What "grinds your gears"

    When people color correct their photos to what it is supposed to look like, and not what it really looks like.