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  1. If only you were a little closer! Thank you though!
  2. Thanks! It has been tougher than I thought, but I am hoping someone will be able to help me out!
  3. I will be working in Seattle this summer unfortunately, but that is a good idea!
  4. Hey thanks! I hope to make a resurgence on here when I can have a tank where I am living again. The coldwater tank is still going strong back at home though!
  5. A weekend bump!
  6. The project is just looking at Acropora, sorry! It does have to be unfortunately. That is a very generous offer though!
  7. Bump! I will be forever grateful!
  8. Thanks! Hopefully someone will!
  9. Starving for coral perhaps!
  10. Thanks! I like it too I am located in VT so unfortunately not too many around here, only one that I know of actually. And that is very true, it would definitely save money doing that if it were possible - that being said I am hoping I don't have to pay $25 per frag...because I can't .
  11. Delete
  12. I think a swirl of fall colors would be awesome! Though, the current color options/other user's suggestions are pretty awesome.
  13. Thanks everyone! This is a juvenile, he was less than an inch long - that is why the characteristic spines are not as obvious. This isn't in my tank actually, it is in the UW lab here at Friday Harbor, WA.
  14. The report button is on his profile. You have to add him as a friend first (this is very important), it is a weird system.