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  1. SOLD

    Pending payment.
  2. SOLD

    I bought this over the summer with intentions of setting a up reef but it never happened. It's just too much for my planted tank. I used it for a about a week and put it back in the box. Works perfect. The black plate behind the controller is just a piece of acrylic i used to mount it. I figured I'd throw it in the box because it was pretty useful. $175 shipped priority. Palpal only. No e-checks pls. I'm not on here very often anymore so if you need a faster response my email would be your best bet in contacting me. kalia2581@att.net -Josh Edit - Offers are fine but I probably won't entertain the idea for a few days.
  3. Had an annular solor eclipse today

    It was strange being outside when this was going on. It got eerily dim. Too bad there where clouds in the way. I probably would have got some clearer shots.
  4. Rave inspired AI Vega Color

    I wonder what the par numbers are like at 14-20k. seems like a lot of color vs. White blue.
  5. FT/FS: ADA 60P and stand

  6. SOLD

    Piss on Reef Central.
  7. SOLD

    Hey, good point. I guess its also good that I was able to find it Receipt is dated 3-4-12
  8. SOLD

    Price is firm. It's brand new and unused. I've already got it priced $30 less than what you'd pay for it on-line.
  9. SOLD

    The RKL is no longer pending and is still for sale. If you want it, please be able to pay at the same time you state that you would like to have. If you need waffling time, or don't actually have the money, I will not hold it for you.
  10. SOLD

    The 60P comes w/ the stand for $150 Pm sent
  11. SOLD

    Ok, quick update. Knanos - sold Spin streams - sold RKL - still pending Tanks are still available for local delivery.
  12. SOLD

    Sean, your offer sucks. lol You are also like 4th in line.
  13. SOLD

    RKL pending.