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  1. empresto's 4gal Cube

    that's ####ing awesome.
  2. Aqua Clear 20. Big Enough?

    A aquaclear 20 would do a good job on a half of gallon. Just setup the fuge get some pods to seed the fuge and some chemipure and i think u will be fine.
  3. I'm selling some things im in need for money for bills Aquaclear 70 with lid! $30 USED (4 MONTHS) Digital Aquatics reefkeeper lite interface only! BRAND NEW NEVER USED! $50 65X2 WATT POWER COMPACT WITH MOONLIGHTS 55 SHIPPED! Current USA Nova Extreme T5 Aquarium Lighting Fixture, 4X24 Watt, 24 inch USED 6 MONTHS $100 WITH ADDED MOONLIGHT! (SOLD) HERE IS THE LINK TO THIS http://www.marineandreef.com/Nova_Extreme_..._p/rcu01120.htm
  4. im looking for a pulsing xenia colony anyone willing to part with one? Thanks, Pat
  5. FS SandWich Bags of Chaeto $10 shipped

  6. I have 4 sandwich bags of Chaeto $10 shipped =) Pic of my Tank with Chaeto in it I will accept Paypal. Thank You, Patrick
  7. Hermit Hitching a Ride

    that snail has crabs lmao
  8. 5 grand for a coral lmao

    wow seriously 5 grand for a coral thats totally ridicolous and insane i could buy a car for that price or donate some to a charity. https://www.reefgardener.net/shop/product_i...roducts_id=1041
  9. Sarah's 10gal "Rimless"

    thank you !
  10. Electric Flame Scallop

    ill have to disagree with the above comment. We as humans dont understand these creatures therefore they will die in our tanks. they should be left in the ocean. make sense now?
  11. Sarah's 10gal "Rimless"

    what are u holding the chateo in that would come in handy in my tank. nice tank btw
  12. FT Internal Aquatic Life Skimmer 30 gallon

    sure any pics im up for anything