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  1. my clown does not eat....

    try feeding it mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, small bits of krill, or a different kind of flake food.
  2. The poor crab that went for a ride

    Haha, i bet he was probably after the snails shell
  3. another colt coral question

    Both of my Colt corals do the same thing. Couple times a day they just randomly close up for 10 or 15 minutes, then return back to normal.
  4. Full tank shot of my 20

    What happened to the Goniopora? That thing was beautiful!
  5. 10g and 29g updates

    My guess is, he likes yellow tangs, and its just a baby. Hope he has a larger home for the little guy to go when he gets bigger though.
  6. Dead, live rock?

    Yes, eventually it will become live rock. I have 2 pieces in my tank that was basicly like concrete "made like the stuff by GARF." Only took a month before they had coraline algea begining to grow.
  7. Live Rock Question

    I've cured rock in my room before and never noticed a smell other than if I distrubed it. I wouldn't really consider it a bad smell, cause it reminds me of the smell in a salt marsh as the boat churns up the muddy bottom. Unless you pick it up and take a big wiff I doubt you would really notice it to bad. Like caja said couple glade plug ins if it really bothers you. Nothin like a big wiff of fresh live rock to clear your sinuses!
  8. With LS and LR from an established tank you will probably see a very small cycle. I wouldn't add anything right away, i would maybe add a piece of the shrimp and let it sit for a couple weeks just to make sure you got a solid colony of bacteria growing in the tank. Testing each week to see where you are at in the cycle process. Then add a clean up crew to help with the upcoming algea blooms, almost everyone encounters them, so don't worry. Then sit back a while longer and ride it out for another week or two, then slowly stock it. In my 10 gallon i have a pair of small clowns. Other small fish such as gobies and blennies make nice nano inhabitants. I wouldn't add more than maybe 2 or 3 small fish, say around 2 inches each. As many will tell you, just take it slow, and enjoy the tank.
  9. Mandarin

    a manderin will never ever eat formula 1 and anyone who's say's so doesn't know sh*t about a manderin heh, atleast learn to spell the name before you bash the hell out of him like you know everything man.....Mandarin
  10. clown not eating

    Is he the only fish in the tank? Sometimes when there is no competition to eat, they arent as aggressive eaters and just let it float around and nibble on it, thinkin it will still be there later. I had a lunar wrasse in my larger tank that acted this way and when i added in a couple more fish, he began to eat normally again. Just another thought that could be possible.....
  11. Lionfish

    As long as you stay away from the Volitan and Russells you should be fine, the others dont grow nearly as fast nor get as big. Ive kept them for years and have never had probs with them eating anything other than shrimp and small fish. Snails and Hermit crabs should be fine. If you can, try and get them off feeders soon as possible, that will help with the eating tank mates problem, cause they will no longer associate them with food.
  12. spooge-shooting hitch hiker ID?

    i had a hitch hiker that did that, after closer examination i realized it was a bicolor blenny hidding deep in a cave inside the live rock.....talk about luck