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  1. Hollywood Stunner all the way in the back
  2. Thanks! The plan for both islands are to let the corals overtake and grow out so you dont see either )
  3. ATI Bulbs: Giesemann Actinic+|Coral+|Purple+|Blue+
  4. Thanks! Tek 24" T5 with ATI bulbs
  5. BC14 Overhaul
  6. 20L
  7. @ cichlidtx - Thanks! All About Fish, south Houston - near Fuqua. Current lighting is a Fish Need It 150MH (phoenix 14K bulb) with 4 True Violet Leds. If you are interested in a frag of the Birdsnest, I dont mind fragging a piece for you. @ keydiver - Thanks! Sad to say though, it going to be taken down and added to a 20L that I am planning. Its really crowded!! Side note - I miss Miami, use to live there.
  8. Photoshopped? Why do you say that? I have no reason to Photoshop and I have ppl on NR who have seen my tank in person. Don't hate
  9. Local store in Houston. I frequently frag it, it grows so fast!
  10. @formula - the fixture is about 8" off the water supplemented with 4 True violet LEDs. How about yours? Where in TX are you located? @Basser- I had LEDs, didn't like them for SPS. I've noticed the best colors with MH