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  1. Mojado's 40-Breeder build - now w/FTS

    Tank is looking good man but dang foolio, post a FTS for the community already!! How you gonna have a thread and no FTS. That's like having peanut butter and no jelly! We don't want to read....we want to see pics! Don't make the FTS take as long as it did to build that stand!
  2. MadDevil's 20L (Retired 7/4/2013)

    WOW, Thanks!!! I really like the GH overflow. I recommended the 700gph kit for a friend of mine on his 40B and he is very happy with it as well. Very quiet IMO. This is a good alternative to a herbie box design.
  3. MadDevil's 20L (Retired 7/4/2013)

    Going great! Everything is happy and growing!
  4. 20L Left Side

    Hollywood Stunner all the way in the back
  5. 20L Front

    Thanks! The plan for both islands are to let the corals overtake and grow out so you dont see either )
  6. MadDevil's 20L (Retired 7/4/2013)

    Thanks everyone!!!!
  7. 20L Right Side

    ATI Bulbs: Giesemann Actinic+|Coral+|Purple+|Blue+
  8. 20L Right Side

    Thanks! Tek 24" T5 with ATI bulbs
  9. MadDevil's 20L (Retired 7/4/2013)

    Left Side Right Side
  10. Wow, that tank does look nice. Yea, I want a bigger rimless tank for my next tank. But that will come when I move to a new house. I really like my 20L right now and debating what I should do with my BioCube. Well good luck on the move!