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  1. I installed an overflow in my 2.5 gallon. I had to do it twice as I cut the teeth too low and thus lowered the water level in the tank to that level dooh! Here are some pics of the install: Also a pic of a mini stockman I made
  2. Only thing to watch out for from the Frogspawn would be sweeper tenticals. Most SPS desire high to medium flow and would probably love to be right under your HOB outflow.
  3. Your sps should be fine with the switch... its been said that acros color up more under 20k's. Only item of note is that some 20k bulbs are not very clam friendly.
  4. Great breakdown! However there is one thing we gotta factor in to all this and thats efficiency. Just because it says 250 watts doesnt mean its only pulling 250 watts especially with magnetic ballasts as alot of the energy is lost as heat which worsens over the lifetime of the ballast. In otherwords the magnetics are using more watts and putting out less lumens. That being said your math is right on the money... I stand corrected :-D it works out to more like 20% savings... Here are some interesting links to look at :-D - g
  5. More than likely the float switch is plastic... and I have never heard of a float switch not being able to handle being submerged - g
  6. Your new monti will simply have to stablize under its new environment, and will more than likely get some of its color back. Going from a radium to your tank is a huge change... - g
  7. It wont matter... no such thing as a "sand" based buffer in a 12g tank there just isn't enough surface area and even than your grain size would have to be 1-2mm or lower... - g
  8. How about that DSB's in nano's are a waste of sand...
  9. Bahh here we go again... First off no such thing as a DSB in a 20 gallon... For one there is not enough surface area to get any, 0, zilch, nada, denitrification benefits or otherwise, from a DSB in anything less than 30 gallon. Furthermore if there was such a thing, you would have screwed it up a long time ago by killing off all the beneficial micro-fauna and worms in your sand bad with your stir fests. When someone shows me a "clean DSB" I say hey that’s a nice sterile pile of sand you got there... - g
  10. I have a comp running the lights and pumps on my 2.5. Motherboard isn't needed and having exposed light that under your tank probably isn't the best thing either. Do you have your USB cable looped to prevent water from creeping down and frying your board?
  11. wow I usually call and I have never had a problem... Plus I dont think they are based out of San Diego
  12. AW is worse than a used car lot... on top of that if you asked every employee in there the same question you would get 10 different answers... - g
  13. KidK9 You have PM
  14. You have PM
  15. You have PM xclan... Everyone who ordered from me the order will ship tomorrow and I will send tracking numbers to your PM's Here are a pic of the water proofing done on the soder points...