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  1. Hey ladies, gentlemen, and aspiring aquarists! I am putting up my beloved saltwater aquarium for sale in preparation for a move. Tank is a Cadlights 39 gallon Professional Series open top display tank with a 12 gallon sump. Price is $900 for everything! Before calling and asking me if I will lower the price, consider the following: 1) This a very nice Saltwater Aquarium that you won't find in most fish stores. This tank is not for the guy who just wants to mess around, but wants an absolutely gorgeous tank that can be put up as a display in an office or as a display piece in a nice house. It retailed for $1,200 shipped and included only the display, cabinet, lighting, sump, skimmer, and return pump. 2) The live rock in my tank is from SeaLife, Inc and costs ~$8/lbs. There is $240 worth of prime (not the crappy dry live rock from your corner fish store) live rock that was sitting in the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Florida for a year before they shipped it out to me. 3) I am including all sorts of extras including Koralia 3 & 4 pumps (retail a little more than $100 for both), a Digital Aquatics computer aquarium controller (retail $100), a Phosphate reactor (retail $100), a non-working (but repairable for a pretty reasonable price) Current USA Chiller which would retail for $400, a JBJ auto-water-topoff controller (retail $100), saltwater refractometer ($100), and all the test kits, glass scrubbers, aquarium gloves, etc. All this is easily $1000 worth of accessories. 4) It also includes a 1 year old Medium Blue Tang (~$100), a Medium sized Oscelloris Clownfish (~$40), a Sea Urchin (~$40), a cleaner shrimp ($20), a colony of Zoanthind corals (>$80), and a medium sized Purple tip anenome ~($50). 5) To buy this setup brand new would cost you close to $3,000 (no, my wife wasn't happy about that) So, yes, I am selling this setup for a very reduced price. No, there is nothing wrong with the tank. It is not cracked, scratched, or anything else. You are welcome to drop by to inspect it for yourself. 6) Lastly, if you don't know anything at all about saltwater aquariums and/or you do not know what it will involve to move an aquarium, then please...please...don't contact me. I am unable to assist you in moving this tank (more for liability issues than anything else) and you will have to pay up front, because if you break it in the move, I am not responsible. On a more positive note, you will be exceedingly happy with this setup. All your family and friends will be in awe of the amazing tank you have. Need I say anymore? 7) Lastly, lastly, This is a legitimate deal. I'm not going to rob you when you visit my apartment. I am not going to swindle you either. And, if you're a really creepy looking person, there's a good chance I won't open the door when you knock, even if you know I'm in the house. And, I want full cash payment before you get anything (lessons learned), and I do not accept counterfeit bills (I have a special marker that tests this). Oh..., and if you happen to show up with slightly less cash than agreed upon (yes, this has happened to me before) then you will not be going home with my beautiful Aquarium that day. Thank you, have a nice day, and God Bless America. P.S. I'm not only selling this setup, because I am moving, but also I'm using the proceeds to buy a dog, so if you're an animal lover, then you know the money is going to a good cause. And...if you don't buy this Aquarium soon, then I have to wait longer to buy my dog.
  2. Bump...anyone? No interest at all?
  3. I'm not necessarily going out of the hobby, but I need to sell my entire setup for now. It's the Cadliughts 39 G Pro. You get everything including: all my test kits, glass cleaners, food, DA Reefkeeper, the water, LR, sand, and fish (Basically everything I own related to the tank and it's care). I'm finishing up my last semester of grad school and do not have the time this tank requires to irradicate the flatworms and deal with GHA outbreaks. I do not have the time or patience to part this setup out, so I'd rather sell the whole setup to a single person. Asking $1,000 O.B.O. See my thread here: Rizakaniza's Cadlights 39g Pro P.S. The chiller and the water top-off pump (was only $15 anyway) have both stopped working. You're welcome to have the chiller and sell it on ebay for parts. The superman monti got fried during a changing out of the lighting. The Yellow Zoas have turned into a decent sized colony. The Melanurus Wrasse died. What remains is a few emerald crabs, Blue Tang, Clownfish, Bi-Color Pseudochromi, cleaner shrimp, assorted zoas, Blastomussa, a few dendros, flatworms and GHA. P.S.S. I am not in a huge bind requiring me to sell, I'm not desperate, and I don't need it for rent money, so no low-ball offer will be responded to.
  4. rizakaniza

    Having lots of trouble right now

    What temps you keep your tank at during the rest of the year? Yeah, my lfs originally gave me grape caulerpa. I've got a crab in my fuge that eradicated most of the caulerpa, but some survived in another area of the sump. It eventually regrew. If there's one thing I'd like in the future is a larger sump that's more accessible for cleaning and maintanence. In about a year we'll be looking to get into a house. I'm considering other tank options that will be easier to maintain, like a 180g predator tank or something. I really like the idea of keeping sharks and rays.
  5. rizakaniza

    Having lots of trouble right now

    Thanks for the advice guys. I will make some changes in regards to tank temperature today. I'll take some time this weekend to work on the flatworms and GHA. I honestly considered having someone local come and maintenance my tank. I'm a Grad student, so I don't always have a lot of time for this. Any ideas on getting rid of Grape Caulerpa? I thought I had eradicated it from my sump, but it seems to have made a comeback. I think I may need to pull out my sump and do a complete maintanence. I'd rather pay someone to do it, though. Also, do you think I have too much in my tank in regards to heat? I have considered replacing my 2 Koralia's with 1 MP20, if that would be enough flow....
  6. I am at a point where I am getting very frustrated with my tank. I do admit that some of it is my own fault. First, and foremost, my chiller died a few weeks ago. Instead of buying a new one I decided to buy a 6" cooling fan from marinedepot. Even with this running full time, my tank struggles to stay under 80-81 degrees. I have listed my tank equipment below: Tank: 39 G Cadlights pro w/ 12 G sump Lighting: 1 Phoenix MH Bulb + 2 x 24watt actinic bulbs equipment: 1 x Koralia K3 + 1 x Koralia K4, 1 x return pump, skimmer w/ pump, BRS Phosphate reactor w/ MJ1200. The other day I had come home to a tank that hit 83 degrees! Bless God nothing died, but I need to figure out what is causing my tank to get so hot. I live in Socal and the weather has not been that hot lately. Second issue is I have GHA everywhere. I neglected my tank over the summer and am feeling the repurcussions. It is long, green, ugly, and all over the place. I want it gone!!! Thirdly, I have massive numbers of red planaria flatworms. I have used FWE multiple times an they keep coming back. I have added a Melanurus Wrasses and 2 Velvet nudibranches to get them under control. The nudi's have disappeared and the Wrasses seems to completely ignore the flatworms. I am on the verge of emptying the tank, boiling the rocks, and starting all over. Please help.
  7. I bet he ate the clam.
  8. rizakaniza

    My 24 Aquapod!

    How about Hoeven's wrasse....they eat flatworms, nuff said.
  9. rizakaniza

    Rizakaniza's Cadlights 39g Pro Build Thread

    Please excuse the blandness of my camera, but here are some pics of the new livestock. Chompers the Crab Psycho-delic blue version!!! And the new Hoeven's Wrasse (Melanurus) He is the most chill fish in the tank. When I put him in I expected him to bury himself in the sand for 2 days, but he started going around the tank picking at little niblets of goodies. Some of his tank mates are a little bothered by his presence. Most notably was the Blue Tang. If he goes within a certain area of the tank the Tang gets very excited and either tries to nip at him or thrash him with his spines...never seen a fish do that before... I imagine that before long they'll all get along fine. I also wanted to mention that I picked up 5 nassarius and 5 astrea snails while I was at the store. We'll see how they clean up.
  10. rizakaniza

    Evaporation Control While on Vacation

    Hog, it would be simpler if you got yourself a JBJ Auto Top-Off Controller with an aqua dose lifter and a jug of water. I have mine permanently setup on my Cad and I never have to worry about topping off. Just a thought..
  11. rizakaniza

    Rizakaniza's Cadlights 39g Pro Build Thread

    Guess what I just bought today? That's right, a Melanurus Wrasse! Got it from Vivid Aquariums up in Canoga Park, so I will be making a nice long trip tomorrow... Although, a long trip sure beats paying $20-30 for shipping!