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  1. Not able to fix the topic, stupid auto typing
  2. Hi I'm looking for chaeto if anyone nearby has, let me know. thx
  3. thx, that's a good way to test. I thought the dying off from the old rock acted as some sort of ammonia source, but i'll throw a small piece of shrimp then test the water. I'll keep an eye on that, thx.
  4. I cooked my old tank live rocks in a dark container for about 6 months with pump and heater, now they all look clean and a little light greenish, I know that most of the organism probably all died off. My questions are 1) Are these considered cured live rock? 2) Is there bacteria on it so that I can start a new tank bypassing the cycling process? thx BxZ
  5. © jbmusic4ever

  6. Original thought was to be a clowfish/nem tank, then I found a tang can be really good at controlling the algae, water quality is good with controlled feeding.
  7. 36x18x12, reefbrite LED, MP40w,Bubble king Mini160,
  8. Thx NorCal. I had those blue hippos when they were dollar coin size. They are indeed very happy, I like to watch them chasing each other.
  9. I hope I'm not pi**ing those tang police off, here's a video of the tank. Get ready of being pi**ed off.
  10. guys, this is the 67G Solana side view, I think with sump added it's about 80G. When I got the yellow tag, it's thin like a paper, now it's much fatter and healthier.