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  1. All, I don't care about the off topic stuff. No worries here. I think I will be going with a 4 blue +, 1 coral + and 1 purple + for a 16k to 20 k look. Thanks for the input...
  2. I just purchased this light and want to know what bulb combination I should go for? I bought all blue plus bulbs with the light but wanted to know what others I should tr
  3. If you are in miami and are willing to meet up sometime this weekend. I could use two bottle of pods.
  4. Title says it all. WOuld like to purchase a 24" Sunpower T5 setup
  5. So are you still using the T5 supplement? I see your using the boards from Dave Fusion now. Are they better than single LEDS? What controller did you purchase? bluefish?
  6. I used 3/4 inch conduit and my light is twenty pounds at least. WHat I did was make the bends then bent the pipe up a bit to compensate with the sag affect. Works but i understand the issues with access to tools. I borrowed a pipe bender which looked to be from the 60s so needless to say I scraped a pipe. Good look and post some pictures of the T-Track setup.
  7. I am not an expert on the subject but you have it wired to the wrong terminals per the LEDGroupbuy page. if you look at your picture the top of the OCW in the first picture has double contacts. this is where it should be wired to for a single driver install. If you want three drivers to power these then the terminals by each of the LEDS would be used. I hope this helps.
  8. I hung the LED fixture on my current tank with electrical pipe with two 90 degree bends then painted black. it mounts on the tank stan.
  9. I never followed through on my build but want to get it up and running soon. However I am going to supplement it with t5's for light spread I think.
  10. Anyone have the Finnex Titanium digital heaters? I just put the 150w back in and water is a nice 78 again. I think I might just go get another finnex 150W. :Z:
  11. Both Via Aqua 200 watt titanium heaters are faulty. I am glad I still have my Finnex 150W titanium heater which is not giving any stray voltage now. I will stay away from ViaAqua and other brand i should buy? Need at least a 200w back up so recommend some. All other items check out once i removed the source. "Z"
  12. Yes i understand but from my testing last night there are multiple devices causing the leak. I will test again tonight and put some numbers out.
  13. SO you would recommend me buying one?
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