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  1. They hate nitrates IMO.
  2. Where did you get it? I need a electronics cabinet for my two tanks.
  3. That is a lot of rock.
  4. The purple is actually a HV LED (Hyper Violet). Don't consider that a red. You should add some deep red to the build. You might also want more RB because if I am not mistaken that Bridgelux is powerful and bright.
  5. my clowns love to host the bubble coral and the side of the tank.. Damn that NEM is SEXY!
  6. Did you have to reinforce the glass?
  7. Nuvo i believe from the sticker.
  8. NICE!
  9. lmao!
  10. Hairy too! Nice Clam man!
  11. Nice fish dude!
  12. I believe that is a chalice.
  13. Nice fish. What size tank?
  14. Don't they nip coral?