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  1. Ok anyone know any good glass shops in the Pembroke Pines / Broward Florida area. I know I can search the web but I am looking for a referral.
  2. ok since I want to do this right I am going to look for a glass shop. Is 1/8 glass ok for the baffles or should I go with a 1/4 inch?
  3. I have a 15 gallon all glass tank I am going to be using for a sump. The sump will be divided into the following compartments: 1. Skimmer section 2. Misc Section for other items. 3. Return My question is will acrylic hold with a silicone adhesive? I know silicone isn't recommended for gluing an acrylic tank together but will it work for baffles? Thanks?
  4. Ok so i read up a bit on the Typhon. If you need any custom code or need help let me know.
  5. Ok I assumed from the pictures that you were running a different setup. I didn't realize that some of the LED Stars have three LEDs on them. Can you get optics on those LEDS are is it better to blend them without optics? How long until we can see the unit over your tank? I am chomping at the bit here
  6. Ok I have a few questions. You are using a 48P driver and the combination of LEDs is 2 to 4 correct? The 48P has a min and max output range of 24v to 48v, so I am wondering if your are using a mixture of drivers. Which means that you need to place X number of LED in order for the LED to light? Am I on the right path ? So my question is how are your running just four LED stars on one driver?
  7. I will update this thread with progress because I just put 4 of the snails in my tank.
  8. Point taken. I will go the keep it simple stupid route.
  9. Is there any pro's or con's with building a stand with the sump all in one? Is it a cleaning issue? If not what type of epoxy should I use to build the sump? I am thinking about the next setup and want to try and minimize cost with a sump built into the stand. If anyone thinks this is a really bad idea let me know.
  10. I would entertain a Wrasse but this is for my Solana and Wrasse's are jumpers. I will try the bumble bee's first.
  11. Yes I want to see this over your tank. I am planning to build my LED's starting this month. Only difference is I will be using my own controller which I am in the middle of coding.
  12. I recently read a few post on other forums about Bumble Bee snails and how they eat vermetid snails. I was wondering if anyone have found this to be true? I have an ever growing population of vermetid snails and they are affecting my corals. I also read an article on ReefBuilders that suggest the mucus webs that the vermetid snails uses to catch food will irritate and cause your SPS to die. "Z"