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  1. UV Sterilizer

    Ok, I have purchased most of the LR, I have 26 lbs so far, still at the LFS in water, sounds like I need some more. I have concerns about algae, so I thought UV might help control that.
  2. UV Sterilizer

    Here is my question, I bought the CAD 39g signature series tank. It come with a UV sterilizer, but its not one that the water flows through, its just a submersable UV light bulb. Where should I put this thing, not in the tank, not in with the bio balls, not with the cheato or protein skimmer. Should I just lay it in the return sump? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. Is there a minimum size tank for using Ozone? It appears to work very well on bigger tanks. Any advice appreciated.
  4. That is fantastic advise, thank you. The LFS runs (from what I see) a very legitimate business. And since I will be purchasing everything out of the same tank, it is more like a partial water change. I will always use RO/DI. Also, I dont have very far to go so my LR die off should remain low. Even though, I am going to mix my own water, I want nobody to blame if things get sideways. $2 a gallon seams pricey as well. Thanks for the advise.
  5. Its in his best (business) interest to get me up and running. He is very aware that I wont be rushed, even though I really want to get this running. I am not into injury animals for my viewing plesure, 30" rainbow trout on the Kenai river is a different story. I want to cycle the tank properly, just as described on the how to page.
  6. Question? I am purchasing my LR, Chaeto, Sand, Fish and Frags from the same shop. Today the owner suggested I buy the water out of the same tank. I have to say it sounds logical, but I am not sure I want to miss the cycling adventure. Or will it still cycle? The tank water is crystal clear, he also uses ozone. It is an amazing tank. 39g C.A.D. Sigature (in the mail) 500gph 6wt UV Sterlizer 150w 14k + T5 Protien Skimmer refugium light
  7. Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    Happy Anniversary, this web site has been such a huge help to me. I hope its around for a long time.
  8. Refugium Plants

    Thanks, I have red about Red Mango, from what I understand Red Mango is highly effective. I will check out the chaetmorpha, that would be chaeto for short.
  9. [Cadlights 34G] No turning back now!

    Great tank, I just ordered the 39g Signature. It had everything I was looking for. It will be so nice to grow something the moose wont. eat.......
  10. Refugium Plants

    It appears not to many dealers ship tanks to Alaska. Ordered a Solana 34, got cancelled, this happened two more times. Luck would have it I found what I believe to be a much better tank, the C.A.D 39g Signature Series. It has everything except the Ozone generater. It comes with Great lighting Halide with T5, refugium light, protien skimmer and UV sanitation. They charged me the $230 dollars for shipping and provided excellent communication, so I'm pretty sure it's coming. Here is the question, I will have very few fish, because of size. 25-30 lbs of rock. Lots of Zoos, maybe one nem. Maybe one frag of hard coral. What is your recommendation for planting the refugium? Tell me what it does well with, as well. Thanks
  11. MY FIRST NANO, 8G, 19/04/09

    Very nice, How old is your system?
  12. New to this hobby.

    Thanks, I am commited to not rushing this, and enjoying each step of the process.
  13. New to this hobby.

    Thanks for the welcome. From everything I have read, the Solana did seem like a nice tank. I have not figured out exactly how much rock I will need, not sure about how dense this rock is, figi live rock. $15 a pound. $10 for normal live rock. Maybe I can mix them.
  14. New to this hobby.

    I have been doing alot of reading, the more I read the less I wated to do this. However, I took some time read a little more and here I am. I just ordered a 34g Current Solana with the SunPod 150w Halide. Now I am really nervous.