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  1. 20L AIO pump question

    Do you remember which sized MJ you used on the 20L?
  2. 20L AIO pump question

    The maxijets that I have used in the past to mix water seemed pretty loud to me... any other good options?
  3. 20L AIO pump question

    I am in the process of setting up a 20 gallon long tank. I am making it into an AIO, but I need a suggestion on what pump to put in the back chamber? I will also be running a MP10 so I just need something to pump the water into the back chambers, to the protein skimmer, then back into the display. I have looked at maxijets, but I did not know if they would be too strong and very loud. Obviously, I am wanting the quietest and coolest running pump on the market right now. THanks in advanced and look for a new build thread coming soon. I just got my new Razor LED's in yesterday!
  4. ** inTank Super Bowl Contest**

    Pullin for the pack but, ... Steelers- 31 Packers- 27
  5. bdesper311's 22Cad tank

    Hey Folks, I have been around for a couple of years now. I decided that since I am starting a new tank, I would start a new tank thread also. I have big plans for this little tank. It is a 22 gallon cadlights tank. My previous tank, a 39 gallon cad, was fun, but I ran out of time and money and sold it away. I don't necessarily have more time now a days, but the bug bit me again so I had to start another tank. This will be my third tank so hopefully I have learned from my mistakes. I received the tank and some dry rock yesterday and have ordered some new goodies that should be here soon. Please feel free to comment, dont have much to look at yet, but give me a few months... and a whole lotta money and hopefully it will look decent. Enjoy! Here are a few pics... like I said, the new toys are not here yet!
  6. $12,000 Frag Pack.....

    nope, its actually a guy selling out of his basement. I have been there many times and all I can say is its some of the nicest stuff I have seen! He is a nice guy and prices are pretty good on most of his stuff. He is trying to open up a shop in town once he can find a decent facility... im guessing the frag pack is going to a down payment on something.
  7. Need help with my metal halide fixture!

    http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/store/produc...te-ballast.html Would this work to replace my ballast if it is blown? How hard are they to replace and what tools do I need? Would I be able to buy a 250W bulb and run at 250W even though now its a 150?
  8. Need help with my metal halide fixture!

    Thanks for the help... that is what i was fearing! I guess its about time for me to pony up some money
  9. Need help with my metal halide fixture!

    So bad news for me... I changed the bulb and still nothing!!! So does this mean it has to be the ballast? How long do my corals/clam have before they start suffering for light deficiency?
  10. Need help with my metal halide fixture!

    I did not check that because I cannot hear the fixture meaning there is no power to the fans as well. Would a burnt bulb effect the fans? Also, the bulb is only 4 months old, hope its not the bulb! I will check.
  11. So after about 8 months of use with this fixture, my metal halide did not fire yesterday. I figured maybe I had messed something up with my reefkeeper so I messed around with that and hoped it would be better today... well, it still has not fired. I unpluged it from my reefkeeper and directly into the wall and still no metal halide! My actinics are still on as well as my moonlights. I looked in the at the box and took out the fuse and it did not look blown. Is that box the ballast? I have heard of people blowing their ballast but I never new what that was. Has that happened to me? I looked on marinedepot for a 150W ballast and they did not have any 150W... I am looking at the wrong thing? I have a clam and about 15 sps that are sitting under 36W of actinic lighting right now, what should I do? The fixture came with my tank and is here: http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?m...roducts_id=137
  12. Black Misbar Clown Fish

    I got mine from vividaquariums and love em
  13. ATO: ATO.com or JBJ?

  14. Question regarding MP10 and Solana 34 gallon

    I have mine set on 100% reef crest in a cad 39 which is similar in size. Everything is very happy, however they were happier with 100% short pulse, but the sound annoyed me and i figured it was annoying the fish also
  15. Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!