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  1. On the AI Prime, nothing is adjustable on the light fixture itself. Everything - intensity, color, timer/dimming - is controllable from an app or the website. Lots of programs you can copy too.
  2. I've tried most of the Signature Series settings, and have seen the most growth with Dmitry Tumanov's. It's kind of ugly during the day (not much blue), but I'm rarely home then anyway. I know there are threads on the interwebz with various people's settings, but IMHO the Signature ones have worked the best for me. http://www.aquaillumination.com/signature/
  3. Okay, I'm officially over the Mini Complete Tank. This one is my new favorite - check out that sump! Acry-Lux
  4. Yes, this. Don't buy the $40 aquarium screen kits, you can get the same kit from any home improvement store for under $10. All you'd need to add are the plastic clips that hang on the aquarium.
  5. As a flashlight enthusiast, I am 100% certain that light isn't some rebranded cheap 5w flashlight that can readily be found on Chinese internet sites for $5. Because if the one thing flashlight enthusiasts are after, it's the ability to grow corals. πŸ™‚
  6. I have an idea! Chris said that the main point of interest is the "viewing window" of roughly 12" x 6" x 8" Why not limit the rules to just that? ACTUAL TANK VIEWING WINDOW. If you want to make an AIO out of a 10 gallon tank, or have a sump, or plumb it to a 300 gallon system, whatever... it just has to be a 12" x 6" x 8" viewing window. Personally, I'm not a competitive person. I don't care about winning the contest. I just want to see how creative everybody gets within that restriction. We all know that more volume = more stability, but can you do that without making it look like a science experiment? If we care about making it a contest, maybe that's one of the factors that could be used - the appearance & growth of corals within that viewing window, but also the overall look, ease of maintenance, cost, etc. Those elements wouldn't be restricted, just used for evaluating the winner. I'd vote for somebody who created something amazing out of limited components over someone that put $1000 into something ridiculous.
  7. In other words, "challenging." That's not a bug, that's a feature!
  8. Since it sounds like almost everyone is settled on the 2.5 gallon standard aquarium size, please allow me to throw in this monkey wrench: THe MiniComplete pico reef! Negatives: Few people have one lying around Awfully small Probably difficult to grow anything other than very hardy corals Positives: Size, etc. already tandardized (but may allow for customization) Stocking and aquascaping will be a real challenge Inspire others who are considering one of these They look so cute! They're all the rage right now CUTENESS! Widely available on eBay & elsewhere on the interwebz Did I mention they were cute?
  9. I have been thinking about the minicomplete - it's what got me thinking about a desktop tank at work. I just haven't heard any specific reports about how well the light works, or if there's anything out there that's comparable. I might even DIY an aquarium as the first poster said & buy the minicomplete light.
  10. So I'm thinking of starting a very tiny pico aquarium for my desk at work. I'd like to go roughly a gallon or less, as my desk doesn't have a lot of open space & I want something that is very unobtrusive. I'm planning on keeping sexy shrimp and easy corals (I have a rock that's currently covered with mushrooms that would be perfect in a tank that size. Again, trying to keep it as compact as possible - I'd love to have an AIO, but nobody makes one that small. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.
  11. I'm thinking of taking the plunge on one of these (well, not really a plunge, more like dipping a toe in). My main question about this tank is the light. Outside of the official site, all the listings I can find on this tank are for the white light rather than the blue one. Are most of you using the blue light or the white one? And either way, do you think this a decent light for its intended purpose (growing easy corals in less than a gallon)?
  12. I like that idea too. On one hand, it would be neat to see who can grow more difficult corals in such a small volume of water, and how. On the other hand, if it's limited to beginner-friendly corals, it would be accessible to more people / beginners. Plus, the variation would be in tech/DIY and aquascaping, which is always interesting & helpful.
  13. Here's a Deep Blue Professional 1-gallon aquarium... at Bed Bath & Beyond. Deep Blue Professional 1-Gallon 2-Way Betta Tank with Black Frame It's not rimless and it's only a gallon, but still... this is "beyond."
  14. I'm hoping to put a pico tank on my desk at work, so this would be a perfect time to enter a contest! Since the last contest was "a vessel that's not an aquarium", I like the idea of making this one "a store bought aquarium" (i.e. anything not handmade, custom, etc.) This would allow people who live in different states/countries to all participate without limiting to a certain vendor. Perhaps list a size or range - under a gallon, 1-2 gallons, up to 3 gallons, or whatever. So many manufacturers are making small tanks now, it would be neat so see what people find & how they hack them.
  15. I need to move my 20 gallon aquarium (Nuvo Fusion 20) about 20 feet. I know it can stress the glass if too much weight is in it, but how much is too much? I'm planning on removing the fish, live rock, and most of the water. I have approx. 25 lbs. of sand in the bottom - is it safe to move with the substrate in it, or should I dig all that out too?
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