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  1. Aquamaxx over Nuvo 8 - Settings

    Just keep an eye out for bleaching in the coming days. Depending on what light you had beforehand, starting out at that level may or may not be an issue. With that being said, your tank is larger, so you may be just fine.
  2. Aquamaxx over Nuvo 8 - Settings

    I'm not sure what percentage they're at to be honest. My guess is approximately 40, maybe 50% on both blue and white channels. I do, however, have my light resting on the lid of the tank, which probably increases the intensity versus using the mount. Yes, the instructions do indicate 5% increments. I've been alternating increasing each channel by 5% per week (blue one week, white the next). My GSP, frogspawn and clove polyps are loving it. My Eagle Eyes may be losing color.
  3. Aquamaxx over Nuvo 8 - Settings

    I appreciate the offer. Thank you.
  4. Aquamaxx over Nuvo 8 - Settings

    Absolutely. My tank and corals are doing very well with the light. However, I had such a hard time getting the internal timer set up that I'm currently using a mechanical outlet timer. The biggest fault with the internal timer is that you have to go through the set up at the same time that you want the light to turn on. In other words, if you want the light to turn on at 10 A.M., you have to go through the set up process at 10 A.M. This was a problem for me due to my work schedule. I was hoping to use a 12 hour light cycle, coupled with the sunrise and sunset function. The only time I was able to go through the process was on the weekend. I think I tried to set it up four separate times (which thus took two weeks), and could never get it to work. So, I thought the unit was faulty and called Marine Depot. I'm guessing they had received a lot of similar calls because the rep was very familiar with the perceived issue and transferred me to a tech who tried to help, to no avail. As I mentioned, I gave up and just put it on a mechanical timer. Fortunately, the unit retains the power settings for each channel, but I do obviously lose the ability to use the sunrise and sunset features, which is a downer. However, even with that being said, the unit is still a great value, in my opinion.
  5. Is there any downside to using a shorter and brighter light cycle, as opposed to a longer, more dim one? I'd prefer to enjoy a bright tank while I'm at home in the evening. Thanks.
  6. Aquamaxx over Nuvo 8 - Settings

    I've been meaning to take some and do a review. Maybe this weekend. I'll try to remember to send you a link if I do. Thus far, I'm very happy with it, especially for the money. Thanks again.
  7. Aquamaxx over Nuvo 8 - Settings

    The tank is approximately 12 inches high, and I have the light directly on the glass lid, so, it's about 1.25 inches above the water's surface. Great. Thanks for the info on the polyps potentially closing. Didn't know that.
  8. Aquamaxx over Nuvo 8 - Settings

    Everything is open and seems to be quite happy. Is it conceivable to run the unit at 100%? My concern is bleaching. Will I be able to notice that and back off if I stick with 5% weekly increases?
  9. I recently purchased an Aquamaxx Nemolight for my Nuvo 8. The factory light was 8 watts, the Nemolight is 18 watts. I'm currently running the Nemolight at 40% power. Does anyone know approximately what percentage I should stop at? I don't have a par meter. I have zoa's, zenia and frogspawn, so nothing in need of high light, but I do like bright tanks. Thanks!
  10. Way to diffuse flow?

    I'm not really looking for more flow, just a way to diffuse the flow that I have. It gets an average of 3.5 stars on Amazon, the exact same as the Spin Stream. What about attaching a different nozzle to the factory bulkhead?
  11. Way to diffuse flow?

    I have an Innovative Marine Nuvo 8 with a Cobalt MJ900 pump and am looking for a way to diffuse the flow. I'm aware of the Spin Stream but it gets rather mediocre reviews. Are there any other options?
  12. IM Micron Sock - Washing?

    I gave it a shot and it came out perfectly. Thank you.
  13. IM Micron Sock - Washing?

    I have an Innovative Marine micron sock with plastic hanger. Can I safely wash it in a washing mashine without damaging the plastic hanger? If not, what should I do? Looks like this- Thank you.
  14. WTB: AI Prime

    Interested in an AI Prime, ideally black, as well as a mounting bracket. Thank you.
  15. Purigen - Cloudy Water