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  1. You just take water out and test with the probe lol
  2. Red sea or buy a 1/2" thick aquamaxx tank and have it drilled. I really like the 48.2 gallon display.
  3. Will probably do that after work. Thanks man.
  4. Digital aquatics PB4 off my 2017 reef keeper elite v2. $45 shipped
  5. I have a used RKL for sale. I am the second owner. I have been using the RKL in this condition with no problems. Asking 75$ shipped PayPal only. Please note below Photo 1: Everything included Photo 2: You can see the RKL display is cracked underneath the plastic. Does not affect function. Photo 3: The SL2 PH and Salinity ports are corroded from being over the previous owners sump. The temp and two switch ports still function 100%. Photo 4: The clip on the itemp temp probe is broken. The itemp probe still functions 100% when plugged in. Photo 5: The dual switch ato bracket and plugs that come with it. I had to cut the wire to get it out of my stand but rewire is extremely simple.
  6. With fans you're using alot more rodi water for topoff so there is cost there.. although not sure how comparable to ac cost. I run a portable 8000btu haier ac unit in 1000sqft and I havent noticed more than a 15$ a month increase.. I run it mostly 24/7 with it hooked up to a drain. If its 95 outside its 75 inside. The only other viable option would be a chiller. They sell Ice probe nano chillers that have good reviews and well as others of course depending on your need.
  7. Portable ac unit in the room is how I keep my tank cool. Never goes above 80. But I keep my reef at 76.8. Could be worth thinking about.
  8. Reef Keeper PC4's $45 shipped ea, $65 shipped for both.
  9. Jumping back in the hobby with a water box 15g cube. I have 0 supplies currently so I am literally starting from scratch after a 5 year break. WTB list as follows Reef keeper lite Reef keeper SL1 module x3 Jager 50w heaters x3 maxijet 1200's ecotech mp10 (wireless or not quiet drive or not) Accurate Refractometer Paypal ready depending on price and condition!
  10. Dudes a long time scammer. Call his local pd or file a civil suit potentially requiring him to show up in your local court. He's a complete piece of shit.
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