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  1. Jumping back in the hobby with a water box 15g cube. I have 0 supplies currently so I am literally starting from scratch after a 5 year break. WTB list as follows Reef keeper lite Reef keeper SL1 module x3 Jager 50w heaters x3 maxijet 1200's ecotech mp10 (wireless or not quiet drive or not) Accurate Refractometer Paypal ready depending on price and condition!
  2. up.left

    FS used reefkeeper lite in Los Angeles area

    Ship to 98388?
  3. up.left

    Possibly scammed by Adamhicks1988

    Dudes a long time scammer. Call his local pd or file a civil suit potentially requiring him to show up in your local court. He's a complete piece of shit.
  4. up.left

    Why are my corals dying?

    Stop changing things so much and be light on the carbon and gfo (phosphate remover). To much phosphate remover will strip the water of all its properties needed to keep your corals alive. That is most likely whats going on. I'd pull the gfo completely and only use enough carbon in a sack to cover half a dollar bill every two weeks. After you pull the GFO do a 3g change, allowing the corals to get fresh un-stripped or "dirty water" so they can begin to heal. I would do 3 gallons every two weeks on that tank and nothing more till you are fully stocked with coral then i would just do 3 gallons a week or look into manual dosing. Consistent volume of water changes, carbon/gfo changes. In fact you don't need phosphate remover in a tank that size what so ever. More bad will come from it than good. Consistent feeding amounts, 8-12hr lighting schedule. keep the tank at 76f and the salinity at 1.026 at all times if possible. Make sure you water source is a regularly self TDS tested RODI unit. Algae and things dying happen from instability and inconsistency. The best thing you can do is create a stable environment. I target feed my fish and corals with a turkey baster. Don't dose or add anything to the tank ( your salt mix has everything you need at the moment), don't over feed. Make sure all your light bulbs are up to date if not led. Ive always used the 50$ 200g box of reef crystals. Been stable for me without added dosing between changes. If all else fails go coral only and pull all other livestock till you get everything handled.
  5. up.left

    24x24x16 Low Iron Rimless AIO Cube!

    Sorry guys I'm a chicken. I'm looking at moving from WA to CO and decided to sell the tank and not anchor myself to my apartment further. I rebuilt it all nice in hope to use it but i sold her today. Final photos below.
  6. up.left

    24x24x16 Low Iron Rimless AIO Cube!

    Finished rebuilding the stand. It needed a new top and bottom due to water logging. I painted it with marine paint. I added a drain in the first baffel to drop the water line. It no longer surface skims with the overflow with the current powerhead but idc. I prefer the easier to deal with waterline. I sealed over the original clear silicone bead with a second one around the tank and re siliconed the back wall in with black. I ordered some trim to trim the bottom of the tank, not sure if ill use it. I took a headlight restoration kit to the back and was able to buff out 90% of the scratches in the acrylic wall. I added an innovative marine leveling mat to the top of the stand. Finally i painted the sides of the tank from the acrylic wall to the back.
  7. Those dimensions are amazing! Nice work.
  8. up.left

    24x24x16 Low Iron Rimless AIO Cube!

    Stand needs a rebuild, back wall needs adhesive. Will get to working on that this weekend.
  9. up.left

    Black aquarium silicone ... Where ?

    Didn't mean to post here
  10. up.left

    24x24x16 Low Iron Rimless AIO Cube!

    If you look at the first page of this thread i go over the design in detail. : )
  11. up.left

    24x24x16 Low Iron Rimless AIO Cube!

    Hey guys. Its been a while! So I sold this entire setup to a guy on craigslist in october 2014. I spent the last week searching all over facebook for the guy based off what i remembered to be his first name alone. I somehow ended up finding him and he still had the tank and stand and was willing to sell them back! So bam! Paypal sent and i am picking up the tank and stand tomorrow to begin a rebuild 3 years later! So here is where i will begin my resurrection : ) Looking forward to it!
  12. Finally sold and to a person of the reefing community, not a craigslist minion lol. Thanks guys.
  13. up.left

    12x12 Cube Easy / Double Canister Filters

    I was able to do a 10 gallon change roughly every two months on my system fully stocked. But was dosing mag manually and had bio pellets, chemi pure elite, and a skimmer running.
  14. up.left

    12x12 Cube Easy / Double Canister Filters

    It looks great. With the amount of water changes you're doing as long as the temperature and salinity match its pretty hard to mess a tank up. If it were me i'd ad a auto top of system and ditch the canisters. The tank is so small you can target clean while doing the changes. Although doing the changes out of the canister is convenient.