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  1. dope
  2. Lol I wouldn't call 1000+ posts 15 minutes in the hobby. By the list of the equipment and the tank being BB the number of fish are feasible.
  3. ^ That is a mini brittle star not a serpent.
  4. It didn't upload sharp for some reason.. Click for sharper version!
  5. That was more for the first commenters lol I though it was humorous.
  6. Btw yes thats cyano and green hair.
  7. That is obviously photoshopped in LOL
  8. Is that a scroll in the back? or a different chalice..
  9. It looks better like that then if you reduced the rock on the left imo. Great work!
  10. Insanely uniformed awesome job!
  11. Sweet photo!
  12. lol simple and expensive
  13. Nice man