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  1. yeah they look like a morph of the PPE's. Awesome!
  2. what do we have here?
  3. sweet puss dude
  4. wtf?! looking for anything to trade? I have a good list of zoas and cloves. Oh and money
  5. easy with the feedings
  6. haha yes!
  7. those are Green PE's. I just got a nice frag the other day. awesome
  8. arent those strawberry wines?
  9. they are belladonnas
  10. i dont see any orange in these. I thought the Candy Apple Reds were green red and orange? I may be wrong, either way these are really cool. Where can i find these?
  11. i like that blue looking tree thing
  12. i can appreciate this!
  13. i have the same buddah
  14. i like it!
  15. whats the lighting?