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  2. bump. Someone local coming to check out the skimmer and rock tomorrow but will let you know if they fall through
  3. I would but I dont have a car at the moment so its difficult for me to get to the post office
  4. LEDs are SOLD. Thanks everyone
  5. Alright everyone, last time I got flooded with PMs and im not sure who ives responded too. Honestly its hard to tell, last time I was on the forums it looked a little different. All the rest of my gear is sitting in my garage and im moving real soon so I need to sell it. At this point, im not looking to make any money, but I dont want to throw this stuff away when the time comes to move. Im cutting all of my current prices way down. Im located in Newbury Park California. 91320. I will ship the lights and the small stuff but everything else you will want to pick up. Current USA Aquapod 24G. I removed the false wall and painted the bottom of the tank black (from the outside). There are no cracks. Maybe a few small scratches from the years of use. There is still a little bit of the silicone on the glass that needs to be removed but shouldnt take much work. Im asking $50 20" 150w Sunpod - Comes with Bulb. It is a little dusty and the fan is a little loud but it works great. - $50 40Gallon Sump/Fuge - All glass. No cracks. Thing is Solid - $40 InTank Media Basket for Aquapod24 - $25
  6. All items are located in Newbury Park, CA 91320 150w Sunpod HQI - Comes with a bulb, everything works. Fan makes a little noise but it needs to be cleaned - $90 InTank Media Rack for 24gallon Aquapod - $30 LED light I built with a Nano-Customs unibody heatsink. It needs some work. All the LED's are cree's from Super Bright LEDs. Dont remember which kind. Will come with goose neck, plastic covers, and drivers. Works but needs work. - $80 all prices do not include shipping. Shoot me offers. Thanks!
  7. WTB: Rimless Shallow Tank - Socal

    Thanks! Its been a long while, still have my Aquapod up but nothing is really alive in it anymore except all the algae and my two fish. I want to start over!
  8. Im in the market for a rimless shallow tank that's drilled for a sump. Cube's are okay but I DO prefer something with a bit more length (thatswhatshesaid). Not looking for a nano, so anything 45g's or up is good with me. Im in the Ventura County area (93021) and im willing to drive a little bit. Ill pay shipping if the price is right. Let me know what you guys got!
  9. DIY Unibody LED fixture

    alright man i tried and tried to get a decent picture but none of them came out at all. I dont know anything about cameras but i do know that the white balance is waay off. Try hitting up John to see if he can get you a pic, i know hes running the TV's as well. But I will say, the TV's alone are pretty cool, make the tank very purple and the corals are blazing hot. True Violets with Royal blue are AWESOME.
  10. DIY Unibody LED fixture

    I know what you mean. Im running two DUO's I believe one of them is a 1050 and the other is the 700. On one of them I have all the blues on one channel and all the True Violets on the other channel. One the OTHER DUO I have one channel dedicated to the Cool Whites and another channel dedicated to the Natural Whites. With the CREE's being more powerful than the regular LEDs they put in the fixture (and the fact that im running so many) one of the channels makes the LEDs (natural whites) flicker on and off if i try to have them at the lowest setting. If i move the dial up a hair then the flickering stops. If you confused just contact John or Chris and they should be able to explain better than me. But in all;honesty I dont think you will even encounter those problems since i dont think your running as many LEDs as me. Also, I found that I dont even use my other channel for the Natural Whites, i usually have it off just because its a lot of white. So I might pop them out and replace them with some blues or maybe more True Violets. Lemme see if I can get you a clear picture of just the Violets
  11. 2 Duo Powered DIY Unibodys

    Wow they both look great, goodjob nerdman! Glad everything worked out. This thread makes me want to build an 4x6 for my future refugium. Waitin on finished pics
  12. DIY Unibody LED fixture

    Hey what's up nerdman, glad to hear you got your unibodies! I'm running 4 as well and I tbink my favorite setting so far is having all royal blues turned down all the way with the violets at max. I usually run the light like this before I turn the lights off and run moon lights. They really make the colors pop. Ill try and get you guys a reasonable FTS with my point n shoot after work!