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  1. Need some help finishing up my LED build. :)

    would you explain how you wired the dimmers, cause i have no clue.
  2. Kat's badass BC14, retired

    to the right of the thread title it says options, click there, then track topic. and to NR
  3. AI controller

    I said it was stupid, i knew i was too tired to post something that was plausible. My friend has a RKL he is willing to sell me pretty cheap, so i guess the question is now, how do i get it to transmit the two 0-10v dimming signals?
  4. My new Biocube 29

    I wish i could say that the stock tank will work, but in the long run it wont. I removed the tab between chamber 1 and 2, removed the bioballs, the false floors in chambers 1 and 2, and added chaeto algae with a small light in chamber 2. I would refer to this thread for walkthroughs of the modifications. you dont have to do all of these, but i would remove the bioballs and replace them with media in a media rack or chaeto algae with a light, both of which will make huge differences in the long run. hope this helps, and welcome to nano reef
  5. BioCube 14: Rimless + LED

    eggcrate cuts out a TON of light, maybe a wide mesh screen?
  6. glass aneomone shrimp on ric

    why is the picture labeled paintball tank and hopper? lol
  7. AI controller

    i am sure this is stupid, but could i use it to control a DIY fixture?
  8. LEDs in lines or clusters?

  9. LEDs in lines or clusters?

    ok, so i get that they blend color better, but wouldn't it create more shadows since the light is less distributed?
  10. LEDs in lines or clusters?

    i want to know which is better, but i want comparisons or opinions from people who have used both. also pictures would be ideal so i can see for my self. the reason for this is that lately more people have been saying clusters are better, but a majority of builds i have seen have been in linear format, thus leading to my confusion.
  11. A little help please

    i would stick with reputable sources such as rapidled and ledgroupbuy, that way you dont wind up paying $100 for something that doesn't work. but to answer your question, i would go with a 24 led rig.

    Frags? YES, PLEASE!!!
  13. Genesis Reef System Automatic Water Changer

    yes, i think that that could be accomplished with a a reefkeeper easily, thanks for describing it in such detail.
  14. Genesis Reef System Automatic Water Changer

    well i think we all need to put our heads together to figure it out. unless you think buying a uni-purpose controller with 2 buckets for $500 is resonable