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  1. FS: ATI 24" Powermodule 6 bubls T5

    this still available
  2. RKE for sale

    5 pc4 left. price reduce to 60 each plus shipping
  3. RKE for sale

    Taking offers Shipping is extra
  4. RKE for sale

    Sold the sl2 and temp probes
  5. RKE for sale

    Rke head unit $125 #7 Pc4's 70 each hub $20 Dual float switch $40 #2 sl2 $20 #2 brand new temp probes. plugged in for a day $15
  6. i purchased two apex jr and then went to a buddy of mines house and seen his full apex and now i want to upgrade. he showed me how i could control both tanks from one unit. selling brand new never opened Apex Jr $220 each shipping is free
  7. https://www.facebook.com/rich.gaitan1/videos/545867942251251/ you can click the link. i can't figure how to post it up here
  8. Will be adding some updated baby pictures in the next few days. Starting to breed again and I have a few I want to show off
  9. WTB Cornbred 3g Mummy Eye

    It's a colony. About 8 inches round. Also have two nice sized frags that are healing up
  10. WTB Cornbred 3g Mummy Eye

    i have a hugh colony if you are interested.
  11. Sorry have not been on in a while.
  12. SOLD

    How much for everything Shoot me a total
  13. 3 hanna checkers

    What's the expiration dates on them
  14. I understand that and that's funny