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  1. Thanks! They are a great creature that's for sure! Slow growing but they do take off over time. All of mine have grown many a new heads since I've bought em. It's been awhile since you've posted this though so hopefully you've found an acan or two and are enjoying them!
  2. Thanks! I'd LOVE a rimless tank! Say a 30-50 G shallow rimless tank. That would be awesome. One day, one day . Heh, the side shots were all on a tripod yeah. All the top downs though.. I WISH I could figure out how to make some sort of a tripod system work. I would rather not shoot in such a high ISO on those shots. One day I'll figure something out! Thanks I love it! I just wish it was easier to use with a tripod from top-down. Thanks, I've been enjoying them greatly. I realllly need to update this with new pics as everything has grown soooo much since I last took pics. I took a few random ones. Just a SPS closeup: And one of the Acans with many new babies. Scoly and friends: Zoa's n Acan:
  3. I just pretty much got the lens so I have no real opinion. I know a few people with it and have seen some stunning pics taken with it so I'm happy about that. As for the macro shot, yeah they're good times. I'd say get the 100mm if you're going to that way you can take some decent close up shots from a view box. Totally your choice though. I'd like to have some more of my acans against the glass because I really like those up close and personal coral shots.
  4. hehehe, a local guy in town. I'm super happy there's someone in town selling Acans like these for really affordable prices. I'm trying another lens now! It's a Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens .. but I need to get better at using it. So I'm pretty much good to go just need to get better and better with taken em and processin em.
  5. Couple new ones. These first two were taken with a new lens I got (Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens) so I'm messing around with getting the proper focus and using the correct fstop for the pics. Another Acan. This one was actually a recovery Acan that got blasted by MH light whoms timer stopped turning it off. I'd say it's progressing nicely. I LOVE the pink violet bulbs on the feeding tentacles.
  6. Thanks and thanks! I use a Canon T1i with a 100mm Canon F2.8 Macro lense. Thank you
  7. Nice, yeah I think I'll go back the mysis route with them and also I'll try your trick as I do have a turkey baster set aside. Thanks Thanks!
  8. Thanks! I like em to! I just wish I could find the best meal for them. I may go back to Mysis. They don't seem to like these Fauna LPS pellets too much.
  9. I ended up opting for reef crest mode. It's been been nice... my GSP up top has some CRAZY cool movements going on. It actually looks like it's pushed side to side and back and forth like a wave would do. Love this damn mp10! Ok more pics. I got a few more acans so here they are: New one on the left and in the middle... pretty cool because the external strips are actually blue which is neat. : No clue what these two are doing but I liked the pic: And a poker star!!! I just put it in its final home and am looking forward to encrustation: Apparently my magnesium was super low despite coral growth looking great so I changed that over a few weeks to be at 1350-1400 and now I'm adjusting my Ca to be around 420-430 and alk to be 9. Before all this I was at an Mg of 1175 Ca of 380 and Alk of 9.5 which I wasn't happy with needless to say. So now I'm sporting an Mg of 1350-1380 a Ca of ~420 and an Alk of what should be 9 when I'm all done and said. What I don't get is how all my corals were happy regardless of the low Mg and Ca. Regardless, I adjusted everything over the last 3 weeks to be in spec and we'll go from here. My Ca seems to always dip down historically so I may dose more Ca supplement than I already am to maintain it.
  10. A.G.E. 40"x28"x22" Barebottom SPS dominant

    Freakin sweet tank man!
  11. eksblenny's ADA 24x18x18 30G Tank

    Wicked rock work man and awesome tank!
  12. Rockryno's Bookshelf SPS Nano

    Man that's a badass setup! Good luck!
  13. Thanks on the feedback. I've read a lot of people say they like reef crest. Good to know. I really don't know how I can quantitatively figure out which one is the best unless I try each mode over weeks. TDS seems to keep the bed clean AND activate movement on all the corals in the tank. I guess I'll try NTN and reef crest mode as well to see if the movement is better/worse and go from there. What do you run your flow at on the MP10? I'm at the forth LED currently.. so like 400GPHish I guess?
  14. Whelp I finally jumped on the bandwagon and what a sweet sweet one it is. I mounted the controller to the door of the stand. It seemed like a pretty good place for it: I'm really enjoying this thing and its functionality! Not sure of what mode I'll ultimately run it in.. but for now the 'tidal swell mode' has my vote. Anyone have any opinions on what mode they run in their tanks?