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  1. Octopus Prime 150 - only we have it!

    The Vertex colors were actually copied off of Bubble King, so again it seems to be a cycle. In regards to the specs of the pump which I'm assuming you're referring to air draw, having a skimmer that is balanced and proportionate with air draw and water flow relative to the body size is much better than just having as much air draw as you can. Having said that, I have not tested these two side by side yet, but I will be very soon to see how they stack up with one another. I do foresee the Prime being a much easier skimmer to dial in and adjust, as the air flow will not overpower the size of the body and neck. I'll certainly post more details once I'm able to test them like this. BTW - love your shallow rimless tank, the branch rock in there looks awesome!
  2. Octopus Prime 150 - only we have it!

    The low down on the wine glass body design..... The wine glass body design was actually first introduced by Royal-Exclusiv with their Bubble King Double Cone skimmer in 2011. When Vertex and Royal-Exclusiv were ending their agreement in 2012 Vertex started their own manufacturing plant in China. One of their first products to come out of that plant in China was the Omega 150 with the same wine glass body design that the Bubble King Double Cone has. At that point other manuf's started transitioning over to this same body design, such as Bubble Magus, Octopus with their POV skimmer line, and one or two other small ones that never really took off. Different manufacturers have developed technology in protein skimmers for years that seem to make great advancements and lead all manuf's down that path. For example: - H&S was the first to use the pinwheel impeller, and Euro-Reef brought that to us here in the US, with others following suit. - Royal-Exclusiv was the first company to use bubble plates in their skimmers - Royal-Exclusiv invented the original cone skimmer, and eventually the wine glass body About every facet of a protein skimmer has been an idea of one company, and utilized by every other company out there. The current Prime skimmer, which we feel will be one of the better 6" body protein skimmers on the market now due to the very well matched air draw to body size ratio of the pump, is going to be one heck of a setup on systems up to about ~150g, regardless of how much it looks like another brand or not.
  3. AquaIllumination Nano - 10% Off!

    You got it, 8/11. Let us know if you need anything else as well on the same order, we might be able to help out a bit more on the other items in the same order!
  4. Reg $299 Now $269 For a very limited time we will be offering a factory authorized promotion for AI Nano modules of 10% off! This is for a very limited time, so if you've been on the fence about an AI Nano this is certainly the time to buy! http://premiumaquatics.com/aquatic-supplies/AI-NANO.html
  5. Bubble King Deluxe Skimmers On Sale!

    Please keep in mind that we are first and foremost an e-commerce (internet based) company. This has been our business model since the beginning, when Jason started the business based out of his house back in themid 90's. We do not advertise as being a retail store front, nor do we have any itnentions to. We have always opened our doors as a courtesy to our local customers to be able to come and shop our warehouse so you do not have to order online. This is something we do not have to do, as it takes a lot of time, money, and effort just to be able to open up for those three hours on Friday and those three hours on Saturday for the locals. You would be surprised to know what all goes into being open for a total of 6 hours per week in a warehouse setting. Having said all of that, we are all hobbyists ourselves, including Jason Frey who has always been the owner of Premium Aquatics, and we would appreciate the store being open to shop around if we were in the same situation as a hobbyist. We are essentially selling livestock and drygoods at a wholesale price in a retail fashion. We are not set up as a local fish store, and as I mentioned above we do not intend to be. With our margins that we sell at we are unable to have 8-10 associates helping in our livestock area, which I would say 99% of our hobbyists who have shopped with us over time (some for over 15 years now) understand this concept that you will have a little bit of wait time in coming here during our walk-in hours. We do offer some tables to sit at with magazines laid out, as well as free wi-fi for you to use on your phone or ipad while you wait. I've also know quite a few of our hobbyists over time who have made a lot of good friends and fellow hobbyits due to the wait time here just by striking up conversations with others who are waiting and talk about something we all have in common, our reefs. We do employ 3 associates on Friday walk-ins who are there for nothing but helping walk-ins. All three of these guys / gals are pretty knowledgeable of the hobby, and when they don't know something they will come to ask one of us, rather than lead you down a road of information that is not accurate. Anyone else you see here that might be sitting at the desk in the back room, or one of the warehouse guys, or even some of us here in the main office is working towards processing, filling, and shipping, and supporting our internet orders. As I mentioned above this is 95% of our business and our top priority. Our internet sales are the reason we are here. We do greatly appreciate our local customers just as we do our internet customers, but please keep in mind that we are not geared to be a retail storefront, and we do not operate as one when you are here shopping during our local walk-in hours. We appreciate your feedback, and look forward to helping you in the future any way that we can.
  6. We have overstock on our Bubble King Deluxe skimmer line which means you can now save hundreds off the retail price of any Bubble King Deluxe 200, 250, or 300 model skimmer. Both Internal and External models are on sale! Example: Deluxe 200 Internal Regular $1837 Sale $1469 Save $368!!! Sale is good while supplies last, but don't wait too long, Bubble King Deluxe models have never been offered at this low of a retail price! **Note all skimmers are brand new, and the most current up to date versions!** http://premiumaquatics.com/aquatic-supply/bubbleking.html
  7. Memorial Day 10% Off Sale!

    From now until Monday 5/28 receive 10% off all products listed on the site, including clearance & sale items! http://www.premiumaquatics.com *Ecotech Marine & AquaIllumination excluded*
  8. Aqua Smurf (Luke), Let's get the full story out here. You origianlly inquired to us about ordering Manado liverock. However, you then shortly changed that over to Fiji liverock. You wanted fresh, uncured Fiji rock, which we did not have in at the time we started to talk about it. A week had passed and during that time we did receive our shipment of Fiji, however a day or two had passed and I wasn't able to notify you of that shipment. You were ok with that, and we started discussing the order again. Over this past weekend you changed your mind on the Fiji liverock, and ordered liverock rubble only, 2lbs to be exact. You requested 2" - 3" pieces with life and coralline algae. I emailed you and forewarned you that liverock rubble is only up to golf ball size, no larger. I also mentioned to you that I can not guarantee the color or life on the rock, as it's just that - rubble. I suggested that you purchase our Nano Liverock to get what you were looking for. You declined that and said that it was ok and go ahead and ship it. I get an email from you yesterday morning stating you received smaller pieces than what you asked for, and there was no life on the rock. In addition to that, you were not satisfied with the rock pool crude that we sell, which you stated "The crude I would not even call mud, just garbage." You wanted a full refund or replacement, in which I told you that I can not do because I completely forewarned you about this ahead of time in what you would be getting. We do not do returns on livestock packages, nor does any other other online livestock supplier. Having said that, per my email I sent you this morning before you posted this I refunded your order in full, and also said that I do not want the product back. We shipped you exactly what was advertised and what I told you the product would be like. I said that I can not guarantee the quality or size of the rubble. The rock pool bottom crude is just that, it's a mix of mud and muck from the bottom of our pools. It's been the exact same product for the last 14 years that we have pulled from our rock pools that have been set up for that long. I'm sorry you weren't happy, but it's completely unfair on your part to ask for a refund on a product that I told you ahead of time what you would be getting, and what I can not guarantee you would get. You had your mind set on nano sized liverock at our rock rubble pricing. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you.
  9. http://premiumaquatics.com/store/merchant.mvc It's that time of year again, the Premium Aquatics Annual Thanksgiving Sale! Take a few minutes away from picking up those last few items off the grocery list for Thursday, or sneak away from the family for a few minutes to purchase that Christmas gift you really want to wake up to that morning under your stand--err, I mean Christmas Tree! From now until Sunday, November 27th at 11:59pm receive 11% off all orders site-wide! All order under $175 receive a flat-rate shipping charge of $8.99, while all orders over $175 receive free shipping. This includes those heavy items such as sand and salt! **Note - Due to the manfuacturer's request Ecotech Radion's and AquaIllumination LED's have been excluded from the sale.
  10. Use the following coupons for the listed discounts at checkout: 7% Off - "July4th-100" 4% Off - "July4th" 11% Off - "July4th-500" http://premiumaquatics.com/store/merchant.mvc We hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday!
  11. Radium Lamps Back In Stock!

    We have received our shipment of 250w and 400w Radiums - get'em while you can! http://premiumaquatics.com/aquatic-supplies/20K-250WG.html http://premiumaquatics.com/aquatic-supplies/20K-400WG.html
  12. Tunze 6080.130 Suction Housing

    Unfortunately we do not have them in stock at this time, I apologize. We could however dropship them directly to you from Tunze which is located in Texas.
  13. Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone! Premium Aquatics Memorial Day Sale
  14. Your Pacific Live Rock

    Thanks again for the order! Post some pics once you get it in the tank and going.
  15. http://premiumaquatics.com/aquatic-supply/alga-food.html We are pleased to announce that Premium Aquatics will now be carrying the Coral Smoothie coral food from AlgaGen! Coral Smoothie is a first of its kind for natural and convenient marine aquarium feeding . Coral Smoothie has been designed to provide the variety of food items found on tropical coral reefs. It is formulated with everything from vegetable protein to whole zooplankton and eggs. The product has been proven to stimulate marine tanks drawing responses from invertebrates such as snails and shrimp to corals and fish, with particle sizes ranging from 2 to 5,000 microns. Coral Smoothie Contains: • 9 species of microalgae • Artemia nauplii • Copepods • Rotifers • Clam larvae • Oyster larvae • Oyster eggs and tissue • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein • Fish Eggs • Decapsulated artemia cysts • Copepod eggs • Mussel & Squid The food comes in an easy to use squirt bottle that allows the hobbyist to either feed an entire tank, or spot feed specific animals within the system.