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  1. What's your weirdest invert?

    9 hole abalone and chitons, one of the Chitons is a Hitchhiker about 5 mm long and pink the other is store bought and big and black and white but the abalone is my favorite it practically jumps off the rock to grab the nori I feed him Ooh and pickle (little black hitchiker cucumber) or... The severed arm!!! Muahahaha type of linkia I believe, found it in a LFS LR tank it had 4 tiny nubs where it's growing back the other arms This thread is cool, inverts over fish any day!
  2. Just got tank - hitchhiker questions:

    As for the red and white guy look up a pic of some fire worms, a type of bristle worm, I have a couple that like to poke out when I feed, as far as I know they're harmless but I could be wrong
  3. ID Please?

    Well we have a couple good LFS here a few alright ones and one or two that might nuke your tank just by looking at em they are so horrible, the absolute best in quality hands down is red coral in the NW excellent advice and healthy critters, ocean city has always been good, big al's has a great selection but careful who you talk to I had someone try and sell me some bad additions toy tank knowing what I had so do your research, and golds aquarium is really cheap but seem rather rough when bagging $10 ocelaris clowns peppermint shrimp pom pom crabs and firefish compared to $15-$30 anywhere else, the inverts and ricordia I got there are all doing very well but my clownfish has fungus and is getting treatment so QT as with any wild caught, riverfront is horrible went there twice and half their marine fish were sick or dead not exagerating! Heard bad things about elite aquariums wasn't impressed when I looked around
  4. ID Please?

    So I'm thinking you guys are right about the crab being a porcelain and the black thing is mostly a cucumber, looking at that link the star is most likely a mottled linkia but does anyone know what kind of pistol shrimp that is or what kind of goby it might pair up with even if it's not a randalli shrimp will it pair with a randalls goby? all my rock is Indonesian
  5. ID Please?

    Thanks for the reply! It would seem all my rock despite being from 4 different stores is all Indonesian LOL As for the pistol shrimp he is about 1 cm long and just the right size to get sucked up in a turkey Baster and also get very mad at me when he gets stuck on the way out... Thanks for the link on the stars, yes he is a hitch hiker, the closest I could find would be a mottled linkia? And I didn't even think the black thing could have been pickle! My lil black cucumber, the first hitch hiker I found when I started my tank but I haven't seen him in almost a month and he never came out on his own, I'll take another look when I get home, I sure hope it's him, I don't think it could be a hydroid or nem, it was almost an inch across and must have moved there recently as I've never seen it there before
  6. ID Please?

    any help ID ing one or more of these guys would be helpful please Pistol Shrimp (randall's maybe? i'm hoping) Sorry i don't know how to get past that 1 mb limit so this will be in several posts Starfish 1 severed arm crawling around and the star regrowin a couple it lost, about the size and shape of a sand sifter from the LFS, crawled up the glass back down and has been hiding in the rock since (added yesterday, LFS was nice enough to find me a free hitchiker when i asked them to look for some asterina for me) crab that was waving his mouthpieces around, filter feeding? black thing that snagged a mysis that floated by it's hole and last some random pics of my ricordia eating a mysis just cuz
  7. My starting line up

    Thanks for the reply guys So I have decided to take the urchin and mandarin off the list as I figured I'd have to, I want everything I add to be happy and healthy, might survive isn't good enough so I'll just have to wait to get those when I have a better tank, but I'm still set on an abalone if it's possible to keep it happy in what I have, does anyone know how big they get, I found an online source that said 3" but one LFS told me up to 8" or 9" anyone keep one of these guys?
  8. JDigital's 75G "No-Powerhead" Tank Build.

    that's quite an amazing tank, hopefully one day I might have something like that LOL, it's nice to dream, but I'm just starting up in Calgary and was wondering what your thoughts were on the LFS around here, I went to red coral last night and got alot of questions answered, ocean city and gold aquariums seem all right too but I think I'll stay away from big al's for livestock, they tried to sell me a sand dollar after 1 month for a 15g with only 10 Lbs of sand I would appreciate the opinion of someone around here who obviously knows what they're doing
  9. My starting line up

    Hi everybody, My first SW tank, i have a 15g with 10 lbs live sand 13-14 lbs live rock 75W heater 28W pc 50/50 total flow pump and powerhead 350-400 gph, it has been cycling a month now (amm 0 nitrite 0.25 ppm nitrate 0 ph 8.3) and i'm trying to pick which creatures i would like to add when it's ready and would appreciate some help on the matter Already in: 4 blue leg hermits 2 fairy hermits 1 blue knuckle hermit 2 pom pom crabs 1 peppermint shrimp 1 florida ricordia 4 mushrooms Hitch hikers: 1 teeny tiny pistol shrimp (about 1 cm spotted once at 3 weeks) 1 mystery crab (only seen twice but once was seen filter feeding) 1 little black cucumber (seen twice: day 1 and week 2) a few stoma whatsit snails on the glass aptaisia (mostly dealt with) would like to add: 2 firefish (maybe just 1 if thats pushing it) 1 goby (Shrimp if my pistol shrimp is the pairing kind) 1 spotted mandarin (will wait for tank to be much more mature, have located several local sources of copepods) 1 abalone 1 tuxedo urchin (i think i'll scratch this one, i like my coraline, any other options?) 1small star (suggestions? i don't like the looke of brittles or serpent, disappointed i can't have a choco chip) maybe 1 more pepermint shrimp
  10. Pistol shrimp....reef safe..correct?

    I'm not actually sure where it all came from, I got it from three different sources, some is Jakarta some is cultured and the last one I don't know, but I have never heard him make a noise it took a month to even notice it was there, and i spent alot of time staring at the rocks but it looked exactly like the pic in the ID thread by HC. I think i'll leave him be until he misbehaves, who knows, could save me the $50 my lfs wants for a shrimp goby pair Thanks for your help all!!
  11. Pistol shrimp....reef safe..correct?

    Hi all, I just started my first SW tank, i have a 15g and i just found what i'm pretty sure is a little bitty pistol shrimp about 1 cm long that hitch hiked in on my live rock (it has been cycling a month now) he's cute and all but i intend to make this an invert based reef and just got 2 pom pom crabs. will there be issues when the lil guy gets bigger? if i have to choose one or the other the pom poms will win hands down, so should i leave him be or try and get him out?